My Second Wool Gathering

It’s been longer than I expected to get around to writing this post. I blame Bryon and his decision to trade out his X-Box for a new video game system 😉 I’ve been spending a bit more time playing video games than I should lately. But here it is! I shall try not to rattle on too much and brace yourselves for lots of pictures!

As you can expect with A Wool Gathering, there were lots of these types of creatures!

Don’t mind the colored butts! They were color coded for some reason. One gentleman said it was relevant to the upcoming breeding season.

The one in the front lost a horn somehow.

These goats were so woolly!

This girly was a huge diva! She kept posing for people 🙂 I got a chance to pet her and her coat was so thick my hands just sunk into it.

This is a pile of 9 month old angora rabbits. It wasn’t that cold but they were as cuddled up as they could possibly get. You can only see three, but there is a fourth one in there too!

Besides animals, there were lots of crafting tools on display and for sale. Anything you wanted, you could find it.

Drum carders, spindles, and other assorted items.

One of my favorite looking spinning wheels. They had ones like this, smaller two-pedaled wheels, and one monster-sized spinning wheel taller than me!

Loads of fiber related books to peruse.

There were also a few booths set up with homemade things such as soaps, oils, lotions. Some of the shops used their own goats’ milk in their products!

And, as expected, there was loads and loads of yarn! Yarn and roving enough to make you swoon!

Luxury fibers that were seriously drool worthy to pet and cuddle.

There were also demonstrations to view. One of the favorites (especially for the children) is the sheep dog herding a group of ducks through an obstacle course.

Please ignore my thumb…

There was also a ton of spinning and weaving going on. I would LOVE to learn those skills but I have not the funds, materials, or personal instructor for such things. I don’t know anyone around here that does either of those things 😦 This festival is a couple of hours drive from my hometown.

This lady was actually weaving with plastic grocery bags cut into strips! The resulting purses were really cute. Talk about Reduce, Reuse & Recycle!

The amount of detail and pattern in this strip thoroughly impressed me.

This last one I found particularly fascinating. This lady was actually making bobbin lace by hand! See all of those little spindles? There are equally as many under the black cover to her open portfolio book. There were 30-40 of them total just to make that one design you see pinned down.

I have wondered how they created lace by hand centuries ago and now I know. I spent a lot of time talking to her and the other people in her guild. So much fun!

I came away with only a few items. I could have blown thousands of dollars worth, but I had a budget to keep…Darn responsibilities! Anywho, thanks for taking a little trip to my blog. I hope you all enjoyed A Wool Gathering with me!

~Lacey (who promises to do more crafty work this next week to make up for too much time playing Mario and Donkey Kong!)


Normal Life Has Resumed

Hello To You All!

Ah. My fridge is restocked, my house is clean, laundry is caught up on, and the storm is a far away memory. We’ve gotten a little bit of steady rain and the temperatures have dropped down a little to a more bearable level. In response, my hollyhock bushes have bloomed 🙂

I think the purple ones are my favorites.

When my sister and I were little, our mom taught us how to make little “dolls” out of the flowers and buds of hollyhock bushes. Every time I see those lovely flowers I think of her.

I did manage to get an impressive sunburn when out enjoying the weather. The swim suit lines are still quite distinct. Ouch!

Needless to say I’ll be glad when that mess has healed. One more result of the weather has been an interesting visitor that somehow managed its way into my house. Mina discovered this guy trying to crawl up through the grate into the house from the cellar.

I have NEVER seen a slug that big or with that kind of design around here before. It was a good 5 inches long at least from nose to tail. Buh!

Ok, enough of the weather. Yarn! Oh how I love my knitty escapes ^_^ During the bout living with Donna and Keith, I started a new project with the ball of yarn left over from the sequin scarf. I didn’t have much time to work on it when we returned home, but now that things have gone back to normal I’ve been able to work on it again.

I decided to try a cowl  and I’m liking it so far. It has a high enough wool content I’m going to try to give it a good blocking when it’s done to give it a better drape. I messed up the pattern a bit and my stitch pattern is going straight up and down instead of at a diagonal, but oh well! For my first cowl I’m content with it.

I’ve also started something new! My friend Lucy over at In The Sky has started a charity project collecting hats for premature babies to donate to the local hospital. Not only was it a great idea, I realized that almost all of my friends were born premature! I started my own little collection of preemie caps to send to her and her generous cause.

I have a bunch of “baby yarn” stashed away in a few different colors and this was the perfect opportunity to do something. They take only 10-15 minutes to whip up via crochet so I imagine my tiny pile will grow quickly and soon!

Despite my claim to be on a yarn diet, I couldn’t resist a couple of purchases when I earned a little extra money helping one of my friends clean this past week and I also received a mailer from Jo-Ann’s containing a ton of 50% off coupons. Can you blame me?

I’ve been wanting to buy some more of this ruffle yarn to create more scarves to sell! Not to mention I want to have a few more color options for Donna. The same dear lady that housed me for a while was the same one who suggested these scarves to me. When I made my first one, she absolutely adored it. I decided that once I had a few more colors I would give her whichever one she wanted. They work up relatively quickly so I hope I can give her one here soon.

I’ve also decided on what yarn I want to use when I start my socks. I’ve got such a bad case of startitis!

I’m going to finish my cowl before I start the socks or I’ll lose track of everything I’m trying to do. I’ve also been watching a couple of videos about how to do cabling. I’m so excited to give it a go! It looks much easier than I anticipated and I’ll be able to scratch another goal off of my list for this year 🙂 I’m waiting to start a cable project as well. I’m hoping it won’t have to wait too long!

I hope you all have a wonderful week full of achievement and happiness. Follow Mina’s example and keep cool and relax!

~Lacey & Mina

Summer Begins

Well everyone, it’s official. Memorial Day has come and gone, all graduations around here are over, and the lightning bugs (or fireflies if you prefer) have begun lighting up the night. Summer is here! The weather is sunny and there are almost always puffy white clouds in the sky. I love how Ohio looks this time of year!

A nearby farm.

A road I love to drive down. So much green!

I’ve begun visiting the farmer’s market again now that my Saturday mornings are void of graduations, bridal showers, and the like. It was GORGEOUS this past Saturday and I spent quite a bit of time visiting the booths of both the artists and the farmers. I deeply admire crafty skills and I had to share pictures of these particular birdhouses.

These hollow gourds turned birdhouse were beautifully etched and I would have liked to have bought one. I had just bought a pretty frame of stained glass from another vendor though and I needed to be conscious of the money in my wallet. I forgot to get a picture of the glass before it was gifted to my mother; it matches her new craft room nicely 🙂 I also got some air fresheners from a 10-year-old boy who had his own booth. He made them himself and was very proud to tell me all about how they worked! In the homegrown area of the market, I got some fresh leafy greens, a loaf of bread, and some blended herbal tea. Mina immediately took to the tea when I tried to photo it.

If there weren’t an ingredient list on the back, I’d swear there was catnip in it! It’s a blend of chrysanthemum, lemon grass, orange peel, and powdered acai berry. It smells lovely but I can’t try it until I get a filter for loose leaf. Sigh. Anywho, Mina has been happy lately as well. Like I had mentioned in my previous post, she was recovering from a bout of fleas, as well as tummy flu. She’s her normal, snuggly, ornery self now.

Napping with Bryon.

Caught bird-watching through the front window

She also had to involve herself after I received some new yarn last week.

She snuck her paw into the view right as I snapped it.


I couldn’t pass this up since it was a special edition of this yarn and it just looked yummy! I ordered some handmade soaps along with it and when it arrived, the whole package smelled lovely! I love The Loopy Ewe 🙂 A smidge pricey perhaps, but I end up spending a ridiculous amount of time squishing each and every hank I order from there. There isn’t exactly an LYS around here so it’s a treat to buy wool from them instead of a mostly acrylic blend from a chain store. As I’ve mentioned before, it’s hard to find much wool around here.

I finished my second ruffle scarf and have moved on to another scarf, but this one is for personal use instead of the craft show.

I’m loving the self-striping aspect and the sequins. I also learned how to do a scallop edging with this pattern! It’s so fun to learn new things with my knitting! I still need to learn cables. I keep hearing that it’s not as hard as it looks, but they still seem a bit intimidating. In the meantime, I have this scarf and my arm warmers to keep me busy. I’m still plugging away on the first one!

Have a wonderful week and I hope to not be away as long this next time!

~Lacey & the Mina cat

Mom’s Day Weekend

I hope you all had a wonderful Mother’s Day! Well, those of you in the U.S. at least. Happy Mother’s Day to the rest of you in your respective countries 🙂 My family had a lot going on this holiday weekend. Before Saturday’s madness set in, I spent my Friday evening getting some of my own things done. I snagged some new needles from Jo-Ann’s (I needed some for some upcoming projects) and that Bali yarn I had mentioned to you previously. Sara Lynn blessed me with a gift card to Hobby Lobby as a late birthday gift knowing I would already have something in mind.

See why I wanted it? Such pretty colors ^_^ Although I have been wanting this yarn, I was kind of hoping to spot a different yarn at either store. Unfortunately, neither our tiny Jo-Ann’s or even the Hobby Lobby carry it. I had to head to the monster-sized Jo’s in a nearby city to find it.

This was recommended to me by a friend (and mother figure) from my church. She said she saw a lady at a craft show recently who was knitting up scarves from this and thought it might be a good thing for me to stash up for my own craft show booth. I’m excited to try it!

Saturday was a busy day for my church family. There was a surprise 75th birthday party for one of our ladies. Irene is like a grandmother to me. She is such a fun woman and is one of the spunkiest older women I know!

After that, I headed home, baked cookies, had dinner, then went out to the church for a benefit concert. My brother was in one of the bands playing.

My brother, Cameron, is in the black cabbie hat & white shirt.

Nate Laughunn and the Giggles is the name of the group he is in and they are leaving this Saturday for an awesome experience. They are flying out to Colorado to record a CD and possibly sign for a record deal! We’re very excited for all the boys, so please send up prayers/thoughts/energies for safe travels and a great experience.

Mother’s Day was a relatively quiet, fun day. The boys in Cameron’s band stayed the night Saturday so they joined our clan for lunch.

Relatively quiet…Boys will be boys. The had fun setting off firecrackers while us ladies cooked up lunch.

Sara and Matt came down too so the whole family was together +3. With that many young adult males (and a few hungry ladies) we had a king sized cook out: burgers, hot dogs, brats, cole slaw, macaroni salad, macaroni & cheese, cheesy potatoes, chips, baked beans, and to finish it all off we had a birthday cake to celebrate my brother’s 19th birthday since he will be on an airplane for his special day!

All of us kids: Cameron, Nate, Zach, Alex, Matt, Bryon, me, and Sara

Later that evening after all of the college kids headed back to campus, mom came over to my place to relax and watch some Smallville with Bryon and I. She was the one who bought season 10 for Bryon’s birthday so she knows all about our love for the series. I was thrilled when she said her curiosity was peaked and she wanted to start watching it with us! I was able to sit and knit happily on a new project while we watched the show.

In preparation for knitting socks, I am trying a set of arm warmers on double points. This is my first real attempt at anything on double points! I’m adding a little diamond sequence along with the pattern. I’m hoping these turn out well! I love learning new things 🙂

I’ll leave you all for now. I have a very yarny post awaiting you for this weekend! Enjoy the rest of your week!


Mid-Week Drop In

Happy Wednesday everyone 🙂

I thought I’d pop in to share a few things so I don’t feel overloaded and bore you all to tears with a lengthy post this weekend. So many fun things in just a few days; I have to share!

Firstly, we partially celebrated Bryon’s birthday on Sunday. One of his friends (and his twin brother) were having their own birthday party that afternoon at a bowling alley so we figured we go along and have some fun.

Bryon taking a winning shot.

I did much better my first round, which was unfortunate. The twin’s family is remarkably generous and they had cash prizes for every spare or strike rolled during the second game! I think we made a grand total of $9 by the end. Still, considering we haven’t gone bowling for almost 2 years, we did pretty well! We’ll be celebrating for ourselves this upcoming weekend since this past weekend was obviously already a little busy. We are at least able to enjoy one of his presents together. He got the 10th and final season of Smallville on DVD! Woo! Call us geeks if you want, but we love the series and now the collection is complete 🙂 We are quite busy watching this in the evenings when I come home.

Mina also had a very busy weekend. It was a bit rainy and cold over the weekend so she was rather snuggly. There were many times she was being rather cute:

And other times being rather naughty:

She seriously has a string/strap fettish. It’s really starting to get on my nerves! I’m getting a bit tired of her chewing through and ruining my things. I do love her though. Apparently I just need to remember to put my things away to where she can’t get to them, go to bed only after laying out a pile of toy mice for her to play with through the night, and feed her on time all the time. Needy creature….

Moving on to happier things, I spent the last bit of my birthday money! Can you guess what was acquired with it?

Yup! Yarny supplies! I need the needles for an upcoming project (which I am remarkably excited to start). The purple yarn is for a new tea cozy for dear Sara Lynn. Her current cozy has been through a lot and is ready to retire. She explained this when we were over munching on scones and I told her I’ve been eager to make up the Granny Tea Cozy!by Alice Best. I showed her the picture and she said she’d love one in brown and purple. I am now prepared to begin! I only need her teapot now in order to keep measurements. Don’t worry though! She has many other teapots she can use while I work.

The skeins with the sequins were not exactly something on my shopping list, but there was no way on earth I could have resisted. I went into Hobby Lobby to waste a little bit of time while running errands on Monday (I was waiting for the lunch hour traffic to subside). That was my first mistake. After wandering around a bit, I found myself back in the yarn department perusing the aisles with nothing in particular in mind. Then I saw it. A new section of Yarn Bee called Diva. Granted, it’s a cheesy name, but the colors! Oh my they were all marvelous! This colorway (Scottish Heather) was my favorite but I literally can’t remember how many times I picked up, put back, and picked up again the Bali colorway. I will go back and get it someday. I will. The sequins are just small enough that they add a bit of shine without being too gaudy. This will make a nice scarf or cowl I am certain.  I could continue to gush about this, but it would get old quick I am sure. Speaking of scarves, I did finish that last fuzzy scarf while we were at the bowling alley! I’m soooo glad to have finished the last of those fuzzy scarves for a while. Taa-Daa!

I hope you all enjoy the rest of your week and I look forward to telling you all about my upcoming fun filled weekend!

~Lacey, Bryon, and Mina

It’s Finally Acting Like January in Ohio

I hope you all had a wonderful weekend. During this past week, January has blossomed into winter. About time!

I officially had to dust and scrape my car out of a layer of snow and ice. It was so cold that the snow wasn’t even wet enough to pack into snow balls! It was beautifully drifted and fluffy.

You can practically see each of the pretty little crystals! I do love summer and swimming and sunny picnics, but I do love the stunning beauty of winter. I couldn’t live somewhere where I didn’t get to experience all four seasons. I was out delivering my Avon this afternoon out near Buckeye Lake and I simply had to stop and get a picture of these frozen field weeds for you.

We always called these “caterpillar plants” growing up. The fuzzies were completely crystallized and were blowing gracefully in the winter wind.

Also making me smile this week: a happy package from the lovely people at The Loopy Ewe!

Skein- 80% Merino, 20% Cashmere Fingering Weight

Dream in Color, Smooshy- 100% Superwash Merino

Alpaca With a Twist, Baby Twist- 100% Alpaca

All three of these are new brands to me which I am excited to try. I have plans for each of them already! Skein is a new brand at The Loopy Ewe and I’m dying to try it! There is a lovely knit scarf pattern that looks like it would be scrumptious in a merino/cashmere blend. I hear great things about Dream in Color Smooshy, particularly that it makes extra cushy socks! I don’t plan on using this hank for socks. I’ll stick to cheaper yarn for that until I have a better handle on it. I’m particularly looking forward to using the Baby Twist. The picture actually manages to make it look as soft and fluffy as it is in person! I could cuddle and squish this hank for ages; it’s marvelous!

This is my progress so far on Luke’s blanket. It’s coming along quite well I think! I definitely think I can have it ready by the time he makes his debut next month 🙂 Oh, and my sister is officially a married woman now! Her ceremony was today and from what I read in my mother’s message to me earlier, everything went beautifully. I’m excited for when they all come home next weekend! I think that’s all for me for now. Please send your thoughts and prayers towards my little family of Bryon, Mina and myself. This next week is going to be an interesting one for us and potentially a rough one. I hope to talk to you all next weekend!

Happy Winter Wishes!


The Holidays are Upon Us

Happy Wednesday Everyone!

Ah. Christmas and New Year are so close I feel like I can smell them! I guess in some way, I can! It smells like cardboard, packing materials, and (more pleasantly) baking! I’m trying to get some things wrapped up both literally and figuratively before this weekend comes along. Last week was crazy busy with various things, including a very fun surprise birthday party that we threw for Cassie 😀 Needless to say we had a blast. My Avon business filled many other hours. Then came more fun stuff: knitting and baking/cooking!

This time of year is for friends, family, food, and festivities. Yes, I equate knitting as a festivity! I’m so excited to be making some headway on my current projects! A while back, I made a fingerless mitt by just making something up. You may remember it from here. My newer mitt is basically done now.  I just need to do the thumb of the first new mitt and I love it! I’m hoping I can make the second one come along quickly now that I’m comfortable with the pattern.


I also finished momma’s scarf! I ended up giving it to her for her birthday instead of Christmas. I’m quite pleased with it. It matches her coat perfectly and is more substantial than I anticipated, seeing as it is crocheted out of fun fur.

I’ve also made notable progress on my sock! I just need to sew the toe up and I’m ready to start my second one. The sock progress is slow, but that’s ok. I’m not in any big hurry to crank out socks. After I finish this pair, I think I’m going to try out the double points again. They keep scaring me off! I’ve been watching a few tutorials online and reading some pointers on Ravelry that are helping me feel a bit more confident. At some point I will stop shying away from new things! I know I’ll be happier after conquering something new 🙂

This is something(s) new I got last week! The KnitPicks (there are three matching skeins stuffed into my stash) is a gift from my lovely knitting buddy Alethia. In case you can’t really see it, it’s a wonderful purple/blue heather and I would love to make it into some sort of shrug/vest kind of thing. It’s a sport weight yarn, 100% Peruvian Highland Wool. I’m know that weights and materials make a large difference in the way something works up, but I really don’t know what materials do what in the sense of wear and drape. Anyone have any pretty (and relatively simple) ideas for a shrug/vest with this type of yarn?  I’m all up for suggestions!

The beginnings

The other yarn is for something new as well. I’m going to try felting! Can I just add that 100% wool is challenging to find around here? The idea as a whole doesn’t necessarily appeal to me, but I saw these adorable Felted Notions bags in Alice’s blog, Crochet With Raymond and I simply had to give it a go! I’ve got the bag in the wash this evening so I’m curious to see how it turns out after the magic is complete.

That about sums up my extra-curriculars lately. I’m greatly looking forward to the next week as there is a whole bunch of NOTHING planned besides Christmas day chilling out with my folks and siblings and then visiting extended family on Monday. Ah. Sweet nothing. I can sit and knit and crochet and visit and relax. I just need to finish wrapping and baking first! Until next time, have a very merry Christmas and enjoy doing whatever you and yours do to celebrate!

Merry Christmas from Mina & Me!

Happy Thanksgiving!

Hellu Everyone!

Wow, sorry I missed last weekend’s post. My life is very busy right now as we have all been preparing for Thanksgiving here in the good ol’ USA. Last weekend was spent mostly running errands and being social. Dinner and games at Sara Lynn’s on Friday, a long over-due visit to Bryon’s brother’s family on Saturday, and a get together with my mom’s brother’s family on Sunday. I can’t express to you how precious these people are to me!

<insert fun picture of massive family here> I didn’t get permission to post group pics on the internet from everyone and I won’t presume to do so without asking someone first :p

This week has been remarkably busy as well. Much yarn was bought (mostly gift supplies, I promise!), many foods were made, and more family and friends were visited. Wednesday was the last day of the work week, so that is when the holiday prep began! My first stop was the craft store. Yarn was purchased for my mother’s scarf to match her new jacket as well as yarn for a baby blanket for my cousin’s baby bump 🙂 As you’ve seen, I’m coming along with my pink/purple one. The only problem with that is I was informed about a month ago that I will be needing a little BLUE blanket! I have full faith that I can finish my current one and complete the next one before baby Luke comes to join us in March! Naturally I can’t display those new yarns quite yet. You’ll see them all in a bit though! Here are the yarns I picked out for myself:

I exercised great will power in purchasing only three skeins!

I happened upon this yarn the last time I was in the store but didn’t have any coupons and couldn’t bring myself to purchase any new yarn at the moment. This time, it was all I could do to keep from purchasing one of each and every shade! There are about 20 different marvelous colors, and it would have cost toooo much to get them all at once, especially right before Christmas! The colors are brilliant, they shine and shimmer like they are woven of silk, they are soft and squishy, and are even a wool blend! I can’t describe to you how happy that all made me! Nine times out of ten when you discover a fantastic looking yarn like this, it is 100% acrylic. I’m always pleased to find a particularly fun looking yarn that actually includes wool. I’m very excited to work with this yarn. I anticipate a hat for myself sometime this winter.

After my shopping venture, I came home and proceeded with putting together the holiday food:

Chocolate Chip Cheese ball

Butterscotch and pumpkin pies

All that is left of the Sweet Potato Souffle

I love holiday food 🙂 The chocolate chip cheese ball seems to confuse people the most, but it’s delicious!

1 8oz. package of softened cream cheese

1/2 c. softened butter

3/4 c. powdered sugar

2 T brown sugar

1/4 tsp vanilla

3/4 c. mini choc chips

finely chopped nuts to coat the ball (pecans or hazelnuts are best)

Chocolate graham crackers

Beat together butter and cream cheese until smooth, then blend in sugars and vanilla. Stir in chocolate chips. Cover the mix and refrigerate for 2 hours. Shape mixture into ball, wrap in plastic, and chill for another hour. Coat the ball in the chopped nuts and serve smeared on the graham crackers. Enjoy!

The majority of our feast! Turkey, mashed potatoes, deviled eggs, green beans, sweet potato souffle, stuffing, noodles, and various appetizers. The desserts came out later after everyone had a chance to digest!

This Thanksgiving was spent at my folks and we all had a wonderful time. I have so many things to be thankful for I can’t even begin to list them! We spent the day eating, watching movies, and generally doing nothing other than enjoying each others company.

Bryon enjoyed some time visiting with Max.

Thursday wrapped up and we spent Friday doing pretty much nothing yet again. Ahhh, the holidays 🙂 Bryon and I stayed home (at least until evening when I went out with Grandma) curled up in the living room alternating between napping and reading, and video games for him and knitting for me. Does it get much better?

Mina enjoyed our lazy weekend too! The only problem was that foot kept kicking me in the back of the head :p

Today was another eventful day in that it is was much anticipated Ohio State vs. Michigan football game.

Michigan is our biggest rival in college level football and our church has a potluck tailgate party each year for the event and we display the game on our big screen where we typically display the worship lyrics and sermon slides. As I did last year, I took my knitting to work on while I watched the game. All in all, I’ve gotten a lot done in the past few days on my blanket! I also (finally) started another mitt to match the other! Woo! I did however start these on a set of metal needles. Sadly, bamboo just doesn’t work well for me and my tight knitting. Too sticky. I anticipate this second mitt coming along much more smoothly than the first. I’m already enjoying it more! The only sad part was that the Buckeyes lost by 6 measly points. It was an excellent game though!

Alright. I’m winding down for the night and finishing up laundry before I head off to bed. I wish you all a wonderful Sunday and don’t forget, Thanksgiving isn’t just a holiday. It’s a year-round spirit of thankfulness!

Goodnight from a very content family 🙂


Good evening everyone!

My Sunday comes to a close and believe it or not, I’m actually looking forward to tomorrow! My last follow-up appointment is tomorrow and following that, I can eat normally again and not visit any more doctors! Yay! This soup/jello/yogurt diet is getting very old and I am tired of missing work. Honestly it’s been a week of a lot of nothing notable, but this weekend had quite a bit of happiness in store for me.

I met up with my mom and sister yesterday and we headed out to the seamstress. When her wedding dress arrived in the mail, it was not as was expected and required altering, both in size and design. There is a woman nearby who works absolute magic on fabric from her own home and we took it to her for some fixing. She altered and bustled my wedding dress when Bryon and I were married last year and we were happy to give her our business again! Kathy (our seamstress) had the dress in her possession for some time and we went over for a view of what bejeweled design she had concocted as well as a fitting. Clearly I cannot post pictures of the venture quite yet, as wedding dresses are great secrets! All I will say is that we had a GREAT time playing dress up with Sara and playing with the pinned-on designs on her beautiful dress!

I came home to Mina messing around with my Avon boxes. She always has to be into whatever isn’t hers! Anyone else have critters like that? She also had to dig her paws into this today.

I received some wonderful presents this morning at church. One of which was a large bag containing all of this yarn! With the exception of the 6 brown skeins, I have enough of the correct colors to make Lucy’s Granny Stripe Blanket in OSU colors! Bryon is asking me if I’ll put the Ohio State O and buckeye logo in the middle of the blanket. I might attempt the O, but the buckeye and leaves might be stretching it. I’ll also have to incorporate some of the generic black yarn I have lying around. Despite my desire to jump immediately into this new project, I must complete an active project first! I wish I wasn’t so darn slow. I’m sure some of you understand the feeling. Along with the OSU yarn, I received another bag today at church!

A bag full of various Fun Fur (or eyelash if you prefer) yarns! This bag was worth at least $50, so it was a real treat! Basically everyone at my church knows I love to knit and crochet, which technically isn’t all too impressive since my church is quite small. It’s a very close group of people due to that fact and the sense of community is wonderful 🙂 The first bag came from one of the ladies whose grandmother is no longer able to keep up with her hobbies due to severe arthritis. Several large bags full of yarn were distributed among various family friends. I’m pleased she thought of me in her generous giving, despite the sadness of the circumstance. The fuzzy yarn came from one of the older ladies who attends. Apparently it was given to her as a gift, but it is too thin for her to work with and isn’t plausible with what she prefers to crochet. I am blessed to have such generous people in my life 🙂

Well all, I’m off for the night. Now to add all of my new stash to Ravelry! Have a good one and I’ll see you all next weekend!

~Lacey & Mina

A Wool Gathering

Hey everyone!

I had a wonderful morning with my fiber friend Alethia at A Wool Gathering at Young’s Jersey Dairy Farm! We got up early (well, for a Saturday) and headed out for our first trip out there. We were greeted by animals:

Not very woolly, but what do you expect at a dairy farm?

Fluffy sheepies- mom and little one

Fussy alpacas, particularly the tan one

Exceptionally silky Angora bunnies

A sheep dog & pretty little ducks

And lots and lots of fun things to buy! A serious case of the “I-wannas” took place and I really want to learn to spin now. Look at all of these bags of fluff!

Mounds and mounds of natural fibers!

There were baskets lined up of pretty dyed bits as well from various vendors. The colors were just gorgeous and there was such a great variety! I wanted to purchase one of these to help me out with all of the pretty fibers!

These were the larger wheels, the smaller ones were down by where I was standing.

I think spinning wheels are so beautiful. They themselves are a work of art. The only trouble is I struggle finding time to crochet and knit. Trying to find time to spin would be even more of a challenge. Not to mention I need to polish up my knitting before I can even think about adding in a new hobby! Some day perhaps….

For those of us who don’t spin, many vendors had buckets/tables/shelves/racks full of skeins and hanks for sale.

I love the colors!

I’ll admit I came away with some new yarn, as did Alethia. I now have some pretty green self-striping sock yarn, some pretty red/pink alpaca that I plan on knitting into a happy gift for my dear sister, and a HUGE hank of silver/gray alpaca that I have no immediate plans for. The deal was so good I couldn’t possibly pass it up! All Bryon could say when I returned was, “That’s a lot of yarn.” Observant right? They also had every conceivable book available on crocheting, knitting, tatting, weaving, and felting. I’ve never seen so many fiber craft books in the same place at one time! Alethia lost herself for a bit amidst all of the pages.

This is just the weaving literature!

Aside from spending too much money and wanting to spend more, there were other things to do at the faire. We also watched the ducks being herded through a little obstacle course,

and got to see a sheep shearing followed by a Q&A.

That sheep was tossed all around while he shaved it down. Th sheep didn't seem to mind in the slightest.

A much neater looking lamb leaves behind a much larger looking fleece than I expected. 6 lbs!

Such a busy day! We had a great time though and learned a bit about owning these lovely animals and a lot about self-control 🙂 Now that the event has come and gone, my yarn diet is reinstated until I finish at least two (preferably three) projects. Wish me luck!