One Happy Weekend :)

Hellu Everyone!

Can I just say that I’ve had a spectacular weekend? Ah, God is good! Firstly, I spent some time with my momma on Friday afternoon after giving my house its weekly cleansing. My sister’s bridal shower is coming up in a month and we were putting together the invitations. My mom is a scrap-booking fiend and she is very good at it! She has enough supplies and gadgets of her own to rival a small store! If any of you don’t know what scrap-booking is, let me know and I’ll put up some examples in my next post. Just as she did for my wedding, she had hand-made each of the shower invites and I was all too happy to help out!

Our workspace!

Mom pulled out her card making goodies and we set up shop in the kitchen seeing as her normal craft space was having the carpet deep cleaned. Since Sara’s actually wedding is taking place in Italy (as I mentioned previously), naturally that is the theme for the shower. Our design was as follows:

Seeing as the Italian flag doesn’t have any kind of insignia in the center, we added our own! Once again, my camera butchers the vibrant colors and details of reality. The light really sparkles off the faux crystal in the woman’s ring. We were so pleased with how they came out! Once the cards were done, I went home to cook dinner. First time I’ve actually truly cooked up anything since I had my whole surgery ordeal 3 weeks ago. I was so happy! Alethia came over and joined me for baked barbecue chicken and stuffing and she brought some yummy homemade mac&cheese. We then sampled some chocolate chip biscotti I made as a recipe test run for my sister’s shower. Follow that up with some knitting and sigh contentedly. Ahhhhhh………

Just when I thought the weekend couldn’t get any better, Saturday happened! As you can see, the leaves have nearly finished falling and I decided it was time to break down and do some Christmas shopping 🙂 Spent the morning doing that and doing some grocery shopping as well. I love getting things I know will make my loved ones happy! I know it’s over-commercialized and there are many people who are Scrooges about the Christmas season, but I generally adore it. Once I look past all of the Santa schemes and sales pitching, I see the warm fires, hot chocolate, and smiling friends and family celebrating the true meaning of Christmas.

Anywho, moving on. I’ve got to get through Thanksgiving first! Saturday afternoon was spent mainly chopping various vegetables and chicken for one of Bryon and I’s favorite meals: Spicy Peanut Soup! *recipe listed at the end* It takes a lot of prep, but it is totally worth it! After a yummy dinner with the hubby, Alethia and Cassie came over and we carpooled out to Sara Lynn’s place.

I brought some of the leftover biscotti, Cassie brought some pastries, and Sara Lynn provided some lovely black blended tea for us all. After tea, we deviated from our standard and our yarn was left in our bags. I am not ashamed to admit (and neither are the others, so I do not feel bad divulging this in my blog) that a few of us are avid Lord of the Rings fans, both in novel and cinema. Instead of some more traditional knitting, a vicious battle for Middle Earth ensued.

Alethia=red, Cassie=green, Sara Lynn=yellow, Myself=black

This is the Lord of the Rings nerd-tastic rendition of the game Risk. Seeing as it is Sara Lynn’s game and she has played more frequently, she obliterated the rest of us in the end. The picture above was taken fairly early on in the game, so it doesn’t portray the devastation that she inflicted upon us. All in all, a marvelous night in with the girls 🙂 Whoever coined the phrase “A girls night out” clearly didn’t know have a good time at home with friends. The best times in my opinion fall under the category of “A girls night in”. So, in summary, not a very productive weekend in the yarny sense, but a remarkably enjoyable one nonetheless ^_^

Thanks for sharing my happiness with me!


**Spicy Peanut Soup

2 Tablespoons vegetable oil

1/2 cup fresh minced onion

3 Tablespoons fresh minced garlic

1 Tablespoon Cayenne pepper

3 diced carrots -large

3 diced potatoes- large

40 oz (5 cups) chicken stock

8 Tablespoons of peanut butter

1 12 oz. can of kernel corn (drained)

2-3 chicken breasts (pre-cooked and diced/cubed)

Salt & pepper to taste and chopped peanuts.

Heat the oil in a medium/large stock pot. Add garlic and onion and saute 2-3 minutes of med/high heat. Add cayenne pepper and saute another minute. Add carrots and potatoes, stirring and coating thoroughly. Add chicken stock. Bring to a boil then reduce to a simmer. Add peanut butter and corn, stirring until peanut butter is melted. Add chicken and season with salt & pepper. Simmer 1/2 an hour and top with chopped peanuts. Warm, crusty French or Italian bread is HIGHLY recommended on the side! Serves 5-6



Ahhhh, Blessed Peace

Hellu dear friends,

It’s been a beautiful weekend and I just want to express my happiness. Last night was ultimately serene in the fact that I got to sit down with a hot cuppa (vanilla caramel goodness), a favorite movie, a gentle thunderstorm, a dog sleeping at my feet and my cat sleeping next to me, all while enjoying some quality hooky time. I was simply oozing contentment ^_^ Moments like that make all of life’s struggles melt away into insignificance.

Momma and Grandma are now back home, so therefore so is Max. It sure was an experience having him over for a few days!

I love his little chicken legs! They make me smile every time he lies down like that 🙂

I think we’ve come to the conclusion that even a little dog like him is a bit too big for our house. Perhaps a happy little dachshund? I dunno. We’re still waiting on the ok from our landlord to even consider owning our own dog. And don’t worry, our weekend visitor was approved before he came to stay! One of the advantages of having my own father as a landlord! He owns a few rental properties and one became available the same time Bryon and I got married so we snagged it! Some people say I’m too involved in my parent’s lives seeing as my father is my father, my landlord, my boss (momma works with us too!), and my pastor. Weird huh? Oh well, I love my family!

Now that things have settled in our cozy household, miss Mina can relax again. And she most certainly has.

When Grandma came to pick up Max, I got a handsome little trade-in! Some lovely blood-red Cascade 220, a book on knitting in the round, and some addi Turbo circulars. I love that kind of payment! Wooo! Bryon got paid too, but mine is so much more fun 🙂 Thanks Grandma! Looking forward to playing with my new toys!


Off I go to prepare for a new day now that this one is drawing to a quick close. Goodnight or good morning, wherever you are!

Lacey & a happy Mina cat

Full days!

Hellu everyone!

Well, today has been one of great accomplishment for me. Nothing major happened, but a lot of little things were done 🙂 My grandmother’s auction finally took place so I spent the first part of my day down in Greenfield bidding on items with the rest and spending time with friends and family. I procured several fun little items to add to my teapot/cup collection and to help decorate my sad-looking front sitting room.

I love the blue glass especially!

Now I just need something to put in that bowl. Suggestions?

I like all of my new little purchases and I got all of it (2 teacups, 2 saucers, matching glass plate/bowl/divided platter, vase, two pots of flowers, and a deceptively heavy decorative bowl) for under $20. I don’t know what the heck the decorative bowl is made out of, but it has to be some kind of metal. Grandma did pretty well for herself too, which was the whole point of the auction.

Finally came home and got to work on my yarny fun! A few more rows on momma’s shawl (this thing is crazy long, but she said to use ALL the yarn she bought) are complete. I also got some more practice in on my DPNs! I should have chosen a different yarn to practice with though, this one is too splitty. It’s too small to actually be anything, but I’m just considering it to be a kind of circular test swatch. That works right? This was obviously taken before I got to add my practice from today.

Thanks to Angie to letting me borrow her DPNs until I get my own! She's the same lady who taught me how to knit in the first place.

Alethia was over for yarning and taught me how to work in the round. Yay for new skills! She also loaned me her knitting encyclopedia. I greatly appreciate the borrow and buddy system that me and my friends have with our materials. Along with that practice, I almost completed my Star Stuffie today. I chose pink for one of my friends who is a breast cancer survivor. Every year there is a Relay for Life fundraising event at the local fairgrounds and she has a team that participates in order to help raise funds for breast cancer research. Her team is called the Stars of Hope so I wanted to make a little stuffie for her! I found the pattern courtesy of April Draven’s blog. I got the second star worked up all the way to the last three rows of the last point and ran out of yarn! Gah! Soooo, I have to head to JoAnn’s tomorrow to pick up more pink along with some poly-fill for the stuffing.

When I ran out of yarn, I could’ve sworn I had a little bit more pink leftover somewhere in my stash that might have matched. So what did I do? I dug out all of my yarn from its various locations. In the process of looking, I discovered that my various yarns were higglety-pigglety and I had no idea where everything was. Some of them where still in their original purchase bags! Bryon came home from a trip to the store and found me sitting on the living room floor surrounded by two empty containers and skeins, balls, supplies, and patterns. I finally got all of it organized and feel much better about the whole thing! So, finishing out the day with the blog world and a movie with my beau. Looking forward to a long weekend since Monday is out for Labor Day. I hope to have some more done by then!

Good evening from me and Mina!

Grandma’s Hand-Me-Downs

Good Evening!

After a lovely morning at the local farmer’s market and cooking, I’ve gotten some cleaning and organizing done, which always makes me feel accomplished! Going to the market is always a joy, even if I don’t buy anything. The weather felt like a storm this morning, so it was wonderfully cool and quiet walking around. It’s held right at the town square every Saturday morning so they block off the a large section for all the vendors to park their vehicles and set up their canopys.

It’s fairly tiny, but it’s always nice to talk to the people and see what all they’re selling. Today I picked up some lovely veggies for tomorrow’s dinner and some hard tack cinnamon candy for Bryon. After all that, I finally unpacked a bag of items my grandmother gave to me. She is moving now and is going through a bunch of her old things to put up for auction. There were a few things she set aside for my sister and I, but most special I thought were the two teapots handed down to me.

I love them!

Don’t you love the little elephant creamer cup? It’s only about the size of a golf ball! Both of these little pots are intended for personal use as they only hold about 2 teacups worth. I especially love the brown one. The picture is awful with bad lighting, but it is a stunning metallic earthy color. Thanks Grandma! I’ve been collecting teapots slowly for about a year or so now and I love seeing all the different shapes, sizes, and styles there are. Here is the main body of my collection:

If you look on the second shelf up from the bottom you can see two small figures between the pot, creamer, and sugar bowl. Each of those is a miniature tea set and both can fit in the palm of your hand. They are darling and I love them dearly  ^_^ I have another miniature set as well which is slightly larger than the two seen here. It was a gift to me from Bryon’s grandmother. Needless to say, I need another shelving unit in my kitchen in which to display my other additions! Each pot (or set)  has its own little story which makes it all the more special. I’m sure you all know how that is.

On a crafty note, I finished all my squares for my pillow cover today! Yay! They’re currently blocking so I am practicing my patience. I hate waiting around for things….alas. I’m so excited to get the front put together and finish the crazy thing! Heaven knows it’s been sitting aside in a bag for quite some time now just waiting for me to sit down and work on it. The squares really do work up rather quickly, it’s just an issue of finding the time to just sit and work and keep Mina from interfering too much as well. Remember that spot on the loveseat next to me where she loves to sleep? Unfortunately it’s also where my yarn lies when I’m working, especially if I have several color changes.

I had to lay the circle I was working on down in order to take the picture. She didn't seem to mind.

I’m off to do a bit more work on Momma’s shawl before I head off to bed. Hope you all enjoy the last bit of your weekend!

~Lacey & Mina