How I Do Love to Knit

I’ve been busy with a lot of yarny things lately and haven’t had a chance to share them with you yet! Before I do that though, I must share this stunning tree with you.

This park is just over a mile from my house. It’s beautiful in the fall!

The color of this tree caught my eye every time I went by. Anywho, on to the yarn!
I’ve had my arm warmers done for some period of time now and just haven’t posted about them. They’ve already been used many many times on the cold, dark mornings when I don’t want to wear a coat. They keep me warm until the sun comes up and then I stuff them in my purse until the next morning! Perfect!

I also had a chance to work up that super woolly Malabrigo Rasta I bought at the Wool Gathering.

My first mobius.

Have you ever made a mobius anything before? Super weird! I suggest giving it a try at the very least. If I managed, anyone can do it. Youtube tutorials are a wonderful tool 😉 This cowl is very thick and snuggly; I look forward to wearing it this winter!

Something new also happened to me this past week. I had my first booth in a craft fair! I had a lot of fun talking to the other people there, seeing the other booths, and selling my wares. Nothing big, but still a nice experience.

My table

My delightful mother and sister came to keep my company throughout the day and to help with my table whenever I stepped away. Sara (my sis) helped me with something special while she was there.

She was wearing one of my scarves since the room was a bit chilly.

This multi-colored yarn was part of a wonderful package I received from Lucy at In the Sky. I’m not quite sure what I’m going to make with it, but I’ll figure out something. Along with the homespun came some adorable little wooden buttons and some very nice embroidery scissors! Thanks so much Lucy!

There were more buttons but I just grabbed a few for the photo. The scissors are freakishly sharp!

Now that the craft show is over and I can take a break from making up stuff to sell, I can go back to making fun little things for myself again. I’m still trying to de-stash a bit though…There are several balls of leftover wool sitting on a shelf in my living room that need worked through. I am excited to say I’m finally making something from my birthday book! The Little Book of Knitted Monsters is finally in my yarn bag 🙂

Don’t worry, I have other tiny balls of this yarn for when this one runs out!

I have started the body and I’m curious to see how my first monster turns out! I need to find some little eyes for he/she when my project is complete.

Ok, now that I’ve got all of my projects out there I can relax! I’ve been wanting to share them with you for a while. It’s getting harder to get good pictures due to the lighting in my dark little house. It’s that time of year when the sunlight is disappearing faster and faster as winter draws near! You can see how the change is affecting my poor Mina cat.

Face plant!

She is a very sleepy Mew once the sun starts to set. I do love having her around when I get home in the evenings. Bryon is normally in bed when I get home since he works night shift. She keeps me company 🙂

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend! See you all next time.

~Lacey & a sleepy Mina





Fun With Friends & Catch-Up

Hellu everyone!

I hope you other American folks out there enjoyed your Labor Day and the rest of you are having a good time with whatever is going on in your hometowns. I spent my holiday feeling very ill indeed, but a few days and a lot of chicken soup later I’m feeling much more myself. The fact that it’s starting to feel like fall has also helped to lift my spirits!

This past weekend a group of friends came along with Bryon and me to the Ohio Renaissance Festival and we had a blast! This was my 10th year in a row attending the festival and Bryon’s 5th. He’s been going every year since we met and it’s a big tradition for us. The weather was remarkable, seeing as it was pouring rain for about 2 days and about the same time the front gates opened, the clouds pulled back and the sun was revealed, warming us and drying things up the whole time we were there 🙂 Highlights always include the full armor joust:

The stage performers Dirk & Guido, aka The Swordsmen:

The all of the colorful shops! Oh the shops! I could easily blow thousands of dollars in one day. I did manage to restrain myself and buy a simple glazework tumbler from a handmade ceramics shop. I spoke with the Sara and her husband (the owners of Hearthstone Arts) for a bit and she told me how each piece was made and what methods she used. The talent is absolutely stunning, so go check out their site!

After a day at the Ren Fair, the crew that road in my car (we had to take two cars since we had 9 people) decided to take an unexpected stop on the way home. Remember the vineyard I showed you a picture of last fall?

This is about 5 miles from my house and it opened to the public just this past May, seeing as the first vines were planted just 5 years ago. I commented as we drove past that I wanted, at some point in time, to stop inside and see what the place was like. My passengers decided it was time, so we turned around and in we went!

Rockside Vineyard & Winery isn’t very showy on the outside but the inside was very refined and welcoming. We sampled a few of their wines, spoke with the owners, and petted their sweet dog who was peering  at us longingly from behind a barrier in their office. Definitely a good choice to stop by 🙂

Speaking of homemade/homegrown, I was gifted some lovely eggs this past week! Eric’s chickens have finally started laying 🙂 Well, all of the chickens except the one that decided to grow up into a rooster.

Mr. Rooster is quite impressive isn’t he?

Aren’t they lovely?


On the yarn front, I have been quite busy! I finished the gloves/mitts I was working on and still have two small cakes of the yarn left over. I’ll get that photograph at some point! I also started and finished another convertible hat in that run rainbow sequin yarn. I love the way it striped up!

I’ve been wanting to work on whittling away some of my stash for a few reasons. Firstly, I’m running out of room to store all of my yarn and Bryon shakes his head in mock horror every time he sees me rooting through it for something. Secondly, I feel much less guilty purchasing new yarn when I know I’ve been productive with the yarn already in my clutches! The Wool Gathering festival is this next weekend and I desperately want to purchase some woolly goodness without feeling any sort of guilt…

I got rid of one of two skeins of the rainbow/sequin yarn with the hat, I used up half of the Astral yarn with my gloves, and I’m using up some of the leftover yarn from this scarf I made last winter.

Here is my first mitten! It’s nearly done 🙂

The scarf was crochet and the mittens are obviously knit. I loved the yarn when crocheting and I love it when knitting. Malabrigo is officially when of my all time favorite yarns! Fluffy, stretchy, not splitty, and splendid colors. Hurrah!

Alright everyone. Sorry for the long post! That’s what happens when I miss a week’s post. My work schedule is changing next week and I will be working on Mondays so we’ll see what day ends up being my new post day! Have a wonderful week!



Wrapping up Summer

Sorry I missed you all last week, but as my title suggests I have been busy wrapping up summertime. The school year begins this week for some and next week for most others. The time for summer fun is  coming to a close and my non-work days have been busy with things such as Family Fun Day with our church, nights as the drive-in theater while it’s still open, and bonfires with our youth group since they won’t have as much free time with school in session.

Our Family Fun Day is like a small carnival we put on for the community every summer, everything is free. We rent big inflatables for the kids: a giant slide, an obstacle course, a gladiator arena, and something called a bungee run.

Here is the gladiator arena. New and very popular this year! The two players stand on pedestals and try to know each other off.

Food is also available to everyone: hot dogs, popcorn, cotton candy, and snow cones. I worked the popcorn stand for a while and seeing as it was already a 90 degree day, it got quite warm when the popcorn cooked! Luckily I was next to the snow cone machine so that helped to balance things out a bit when I didn’t have to man the popcorn.

Donna and Keith always man the grill for the hot dogs. Kudos to them for bearing the intense heat of day along with the heat radiating off of the grill. This is the delightful couple who housed Bryon and I when I power was out for that week in July due to storms.

Due to the heat, we always ask the local firestation to stop by for a short span of time to hose down anyone wanting the relief of water. It’s always a big hit for the kids to have the big firetruck come in.

The last of the kids cooling off. Many others had already run off to give wet, squishy hugs to their parents.

It’s always a great time 🙂 Another summer favorite is going to the drive-in. When Bryon and I dated, we went nearly every weekend. We didn’t get to go at all last summer and it was very depressing. This year we were determined to go and we couldn’t have picked a better night to go. The weather was absolutely perfect and we got there early enough that we had a fairly good parking spot. There aren’t many drive-ins left in Ohio so we are very fortunate to have one in our hometown! Two movies show back to back and it’s only $7 for an adult ticket.

Waiting for the sky to darken enough for the movie to start.

We went to the drive-in also as sort celebration for us. Sunday August 5 was an exact 5 year anniversary for the Sunday morning I first met the man I would marry. Who knew?

The bonfire we went to was at the same house as always, so I got to see Eric’s laying chickens again. Remember that little spotty hen I told you all about? Well, it has grown into a massive rooster! Surprise! I forgot to get a picture for you, but I will get one. He’s really quite impressive.

I had some quiet time by the fire where I was able to work on my WIPs, which have been coming along nicely! I’ve got a steadily growing pile of preemie hats for Lucy, I met all the goals I mentioned in my last post so my first glove is done and the second one is comng along nicely, and I have started my sock. I have been reminded that if I sit down and truly dedicate that time to knitting something in particular, things work up rather quickly. My second glove is already more than halfway done.

And my sock is waiting for me to start the heel.

I prefer shorter socks.

I’m excited to see how the sock turns out! Mina has returned to sleeping either on my lap or curled up next to me as I knit.

Don’t you just want to rub her fuzzy belly?

She really is a great little companion while I knit and Bryon sleeps (he’s still working the night shift). I hope you all have a wonderful week and hopefully I won’t miss next Monday’s post! Thank you all for stopping by to visit us 🙂

~Lacey and an ever sleepy Mina cat

Father’s Day and Chugging Along

Hellu Everyone!

Sorry to abandon you all last week. I’ve been going through a challenging time lately and I just couldn’t bring myself to think of anything worth while to write. This week honestly hasn’t been any better, but I at least have a few things worth sharing!

Bryon and I had a lot of fun escaping our house to spend some time visiting with some new friends from church. The whole family of our friends plus us gathered at their place this past Friday to play some volleyball, which was both fun and entertaining 🙂 Bryon and Chad continued to play even after the sun set and the rest of us sat down to rest.

I also got over to my parent’s place to finally get a picture of the little glass panel I got her for Mother’s Day!

It’s situated nicely on the wall in her craft room (formerly my sister’s bedroom). I must admit I’m very jealous of her having a whole room suited to hobby!

To top off the weekend was Father’s Day! We surprised my dad by having the whole clan plus (mom, dad, me and my husband, my sister and her husband, my brother, my dad’s dad, and my dad’s brother and his wife) meet at a special little restaurant up in Columbus for lunch. Thurman’s Cafe is a little hole-in-the-wall joint known for its burgers and has even been featured on Man vs. Food on the Travel Channel. After much waiting and eager anticipation for the food we’d heard so much about, our sandwiches arrived. Dad and Cameron (my brother) decided they were man enough to order the Thurmantor, which is monstrous. The rest of us kids ordered regular Thurman burgers. Every burger is 12 ounces of beef. A standard Thurman comes with the beef patty, 4 ounces of ham, mozzarella cheese, American cheese, lettuce, mushrooms, sautéed onions, tomato, pickles, banana peppers and mayo. The Thurmanator has, in addition to everything I just listed, a second burger and a heap of bacon! There’s a disturbing sense of pride when I say everyone at the “kids” table cleaned our plates.

Here is a glimpse of Cam’s Thurmanator on the left and Sara’s Thurman burger on the right.

The wait was outrageous as we expected but the food was MARVELOUS. Splendid flavor. If you’re ever in the Columbus area, love burgers, and have time to wait on a table, I highly suggest you give it a try!

On to the yarn front! I finished my sequin scarf 🙂 I adore the shine and self striping aspect of the yarn!

A couple posts ago I mentioned that I had bought from handmade soaps from The Loopy Ewe and I finally got around to making a cotton sack for it today. Unlike the last one I made, this one was 100% cotton from some leftover cotton I had when I first learned to knit.

I’m curious to see how it works in the shower as opposed to the cotton blend I used before. My last project I’ve been working on lately has been those arm warmers. I’m still on the first one, but it’s shaping up nicely.

Like I said, the shape is nice, but unfortunately I thought I’d try to be crafty. I wanted to put a little diamond design on the top and what I thought would be the top no longer seems to be the top since I’ve started the thumb gusset. Oh well. The way it’s going, I might be able to wrangle it around so that this is for the left arm instead of the right. The thumb seems to worked its way around amidst all of the decreases and increases. I’ll let you know how it turns out!

Keep me in your thoughts and prayers and let’s hope for a good week all around!



Loving My New Shawl!

Hello Everyone!

Sorry it’s been a couple of weeks. My posting got away from me last weekend after Bryon and I decided to spend some quality time working on that puzzle from this post. It went many weeks without being touched and I’m getting a little tired of having it lying on my floor. It’s not quite finished yet, but we have plans to work on it again this evening.

We had a wonderful weekend celebrating Easter with my family. First to add a little bit of color to my Easter weekend is the fact that my backyard is now littered in little purple flowers 🙂 I love this time of year!

Some other colorful bits of Easter included the snacks!

The leftovers of my cherry ring cake with homemade caramel frosting from Easter dinner.

An adorable ceramic bowl filled with goodies from my momma. Thanks mom!

Although my house may not be decorated with much color, I do enjoy happy bright colors!

Mina didn’t get any special goodies for the holiday, but she did have fun playing after the grocery trip,

Being a true cat, she does love playing in bags! Bags and yarn…

I was taking pictures of my current projects and she simply couldn’t resist crawling up and lying amidst my yarn. What you see there yet another tube scarf of fun fur. This is a different band though and I’m not a big fan. All of the others have longer hair and have a good bit of stretch and spring to them. This one isn’t as fuzzy and appears as though it’s been pre-stretched or something. There is no give to it whatsoever. The colors are pretty, but I’m glad there is only one skein in this brand. I have one skein left of fun fur with which to make a tube scarf after this one. So close to being done!

Here's the last tube scarf I finished.

Still on the knitting front, I have had a realization about my Yvaine shawl I started in my last post. As you saw, I was pulling the yarn down from my straight needles and it appeared as though it was being knit from the bottom tip up to the top.

After many times of reviewing my instructions several times over, I realized I HAD to be doing something wrong. The pattern definitely said that it was knit from the top down to the tip, but I couldn’t see where my error was. After emailing the designer and viewing countless in-process pictures off of Ravelry, I learned that it was indeed knit from top down and I was actually knitting it correctly, almost. There were three lessons learned by this knitting novice this past week: how to properly pick up stitches (which I was doing wrong), that seed/moss stitch isn’t as scary as I anticipated, and that top down shawls are knit on circular needles!

The progress after frogging and properly restarting.

I am adoring this shawl now that it is correctly underway! It is a fun and easy knit, the Skein yarn is glorious if not a little splity, and I can’t wait until I can wear it! What to know what else I’ve made that is fun to wear?

I finally finished up those crazy mitts I started back in October! They were basically done  around the first of this year; I was simply waiting to get my size 5 double points back from my sister after loaning them to her. I got them back and knit up the thumbs this past week! Woo!

I am off to run some errands on my day off before settling down in the evening for dinner with the hubby followed by a movie and some more knitting 🙂 Have a beautiful week everyone!

~Lacey, Bryon, & Mina

The Holidays are Upon Us

Happy Wednesday Everyone!

Ah. Christmas and New Year are so close I feel like I can smell them! I guess in some way, I can! It smells like cardboard, packing materials, and (more pleasantly) baking! I’m trying to get some things wrapped up both literally and figuratively before this weekend comes along. Last week was crazy busy with various things, including a very fun surprise birthday party that we threw for Cassie 😀 Needless to say we had a blast. My Avon business filled many other hours. Then came more fun stuff: knitting and baking/cooking!

This time of year is for friends, family, food, and festivities. Yes, I equate knitting as a festivity! I’m so excited to be making some headway on my current projects! A while back, I made a fingerless mitt by just making something up. You may remember it from here. My newer mitt is basically done now.  I just need to do the thumb of the first new mitt and I love it! I’m hoping I can make the second one come along quickly now that I’m comfortable with the pattern.


I also finished momma’s scarf! I ended up giving it to her for her birthday instead of Christmas. I’m quite pleased with it. It matches her coat perfectly and is more substantial than I anticipated, seeing as it is crocheted out of fun fur.

I’ve also made notable progress on my sock! I just need to sew the toe up and I’m ready to start my second one. The sock progress is slow, but that’s ok. I’m not in any big hurry to crank out socks. After I finish this pair, I think I’m going to try out the double points again. They keep scaring me off! I’ve been watching a few tutorials online and reading some pointers on Ravelry that are helping me feel a bit more confident. At some point I will stop shying away from new things! I know I’ll be happier after conquering something new 🙂

This is something(s) new I got last week! The KnitPicks (there are three matching skeins stuffed into my stash) is a gift from my lovely knitting buddy Alethia. In case you can’t really see it, it’s a wonderful purple/blue heather and I would love to make it into some sort of shrug/vest kind of thing. It’s a sport weight yarn, 100% Peruvian Highland Wool. I’m know that weights and materials make a large difference in the way something works up, but I really don’t know what materials do what in the sense of wear and drape. Anyone have any pretty (and relatively simple) ideas for a shrug/vest with this type of yarn?  I’m all up for suggestions!

The beginnings

The other yarn is for something new as well. I’m going to try felting! Can I just add that 100% wool is challenging to find around here? The idea as a whole doesn’t necessarily appeal to me, but I saw these adorable Felted Notions bags in Alice’s blog, Crochet With Raymond and I simply had to give it a go! I’ve got the bag in the wash this evening so I’m curious to see how it turns out after the magic is complete.

That about sums up my extra-curriculars lately. I’m greatly looking forward to the next week as there is a whole bunch of NOTHING planned besides Christmas day chilling out with my folks and siblings and then visiting extended family on Monday. Ah. Sweet nothing. I can sit and knit and crochet and visit and relax. I just need to finish wrapping and baking first! Until next time, have a very merry Christmas and enjoy doing whatever you and yours do to celebrate!

Merry Christmas from Mina & Me!

Trick or Treat!

Happy Halloween Everyone!

Well this has been an interesting Halloween for me. I’ve certainly had more tricks than treats lately. For those of you who saw my last post, today marks one week since I had my surgery. I’ve since had one week off of work and I’ve spent that week not doing much of anything. My main pastimes have been sleeping, reading, and knitting. I promise you there is now a permanent booty print in the couch where I have been lying. Bed rest is both a curse and a blessing! Mina has been playing nurse and decided I needed a heating pad on my chest while I was lying down one day.

Goofy thing. Oh well! Normally I keep to the love seat and she takes the sofa while Bryon sticks to his chair. Doesn’t it figure that the smallest of us takes the largest piece of furniture? Since I took the couch this week she has pretty much been curled up on some part of me most of the time. Whenever I would get up, I’d come back to this:

I'm sure she's going to be glad to get her couch back when I head back to work tomorrow!

I’ve had a few other nurses this past week. God Bless my grandmother 🙂 She spent the most time with me right after my surgery since Bryon had to return to work. She spent her afternoons with me while he was away. Eventually she had to head back home and my friends kept me company. Alethia and Cassie came over Friday night for our regular yarny exploits since I was unable to leave the house. Cassie was bound and determined to carve pumpkins on top of our normal activities. Alethia carved out a cute kitty cat, I doodled a little face on mine (I’m not much of a carver), and Cassie chipped out a face onto hers. It was apparently too thick to hollow out.

I like my little warty gourd 🙂

On to knitty business. I turned the heel in my sock today! Yay! The picture was taken Friday so it has grown a smidgen since then. I do like socks, they just take a long time since the stitches are so dinky. I’ll be very happy and proud to complete my first pair. This one is only the first though. I have many stitches still ahead of me!

I'm loving the colors!

I’ve also added several inches to my little baby blanket.

This was another good, mindless knit I could work on when I was in the haze induced by the strong pain pills. It’s very fuzzy and comforting, which made it a pleasure to work on while I was curled up on the couch. During my more cognitive hours, I kept to my Apple Hill Mitts. Well, mitt.

So close!

I’m nearly finished with the first one! I’m so excited! It has a few hiccups here and there, but I’m very proud of my first in-the-round project ^_^ I need to finish the top ribbing and do the thumb. You can see the stitches being held by my blue needle since I don’t have any “real” stitch holders. I’m hoping I can put the thumb together without much trouble.

That pretty much sums up my week. Tomorrow, some semblance of normalcy shall return to my life. I do still have two follow-up appointments and a blood test in my immediate future, but my schedule should go back to the way it was before all the madness began. Hopefully next time I talk to you all, I’ll have all of this behind me!

Happy Halloween from Lacey & Mina.