It’s Been a While!

Hellu my bloggy friends!

So sorry it’s been so long. Life kinda happens, you know? I’ve been keeping up with the rest of you the past 3 weeks (has it seriously been that long?) I simply haven’t had time to do much posting. In that span, I have been thoroughly enjoying fall, went to a couple of parties, visited the county fair, and been working on my crafty things 🙂

These lovely morning glories come to visit every fall and I absolutely adore seeing them whenever I walk out to my car. Also beautiful are the many many leaves that line the city sidewalks.


The parties I attended lately consisted of a bonfire for our church (no pics there) and Bryon’s grandmother’s 80th birthday party.

Her party was held at one of the historic homes in downtown Lancaster. The Rising House was built in 1834 and it’s gorgeous! I wish I could have taken pictures of every room in the house for you, but I’ll spare you the tour and keep it to the outside shot and the front entryway.

This is the BACK entrance we used! The front actually looked similar but was blocked off due to construction.

There were more rooms in the house than I could count, but I had to be nibby and go check them all out. No way I’m going into a house like that without exploring!

Fall just wouldn’t be fall without going to the county fair. The fairgrounds are only about a mile from our house, so Bryon and I walked over (probably a good thing to help burn some of the greasy “fair food” calories). I won’t lie though, that cheese-on-a-stick was delicious! A big piece of mozzarella cheese dipped in cornmeal batter and deep-fried was something I was told I needed to try this year. Totally worth it 🙂 Anywho, besides the food and art exhibits, there was a ton of livestock to visit. The animals are my favorite part. We visited the rabbit barn and found a few we really liked.

This little guy looked and felt like he was made out of velvet. I wanted to take him home with me!

This fluffy flat-nosed one was Bryon’s favorite.

This rabbit was huge, and very friendly to top it off!

A momma and her babies.

The poultry barn was next. The assortment of beautiful birds was remarkable!

This bird was beautiful! I don’t know what it was but it simply begged to be photographed.

Cute little chickens 🙂


I would name these two Mozart and Beethoven.

This rooster was so beautifully perfect he looked fake! Isn’t he gorgeous?

The cows were busy in the show area so I didn’t get many pictures of them. This was my favorite.


Don’t they look sweet?

I learned this year that I do like goats. At least a little bit. I’ve been rather prejudiced for years because a particularly mean one attacked my sister when she was young. Bryon really likes goats for some reason and they seem to really like him too!

These two snugglers made me smile 🙂

The sheep barn was in the back this year. They were in the process of being sheared for show.

Sweet little sheep.

I find myself drawn to the grey/black sheep. No clue why!

One of my favorites is always the horse barn with the big draft horses. They are huge! The pictures really don’t do them justice. I love to give them rubs and pet their big velvety noses.

This was the largest horse in there, a Belgian. He was enormous! I don’t have very small hands but you can see how tiny my hand is next to his big face. His eye was nearly as big as my fist!

Here’s a larger picture of him.

The boy in the red was about as tall as me. Five foot and five inches. His head about came level with Jay’s (you can see his name tag) back. If you look closely at the tag, you can read that the diameter of his hooves is a good 10 inches across!

Bryon was loving on a lady Belgian across the stable from Jay. She was a little smaller, but just as impressive. I got a good length when Bryon stopped rubbing her neck because she became moody and started kicking the stall until he went back to pet her again. He about jumped out of his skin!

Alright. I’ll stop boring you with the long post. A crafty post will follow later this week, I promise! I have much to share with you!


PS- Keep me in your thoughts these next few days please, I’m trying to avoid getting sick. I’ve been feeling kinda crummy and I don’t want it to get worse!


5 thoughts on “It’s Been a While!

  1. I LOVED all your pictures!!! I always look forward to your blogs!!! I always love your pictures, all of your interesting information, and wonderful sense of humor 🙂 Your pictures always make me feel happy with all the beauty your see in the world and share with all of us. I hope you are feeling better. It may be allergies from being around all the adorable animals at the fair. I look forward to your next blog!!! God bless!

  2. Lovely pictures again Lacey…if you were not busy living life you would have nothing to show us! That would be too sad. I hope you are ok and not poorly. We have had a horrible sickness bug and yesterday were at the chicken soup phase…sadly this morning Euan and I are back to square one! Jeeeshhhh! xxx

  3. Hi Lacey. THe scarf is made from my version of the Japanese Flower Pattern that was everywhere a few months back. I think I have the tutorial somewhere on my blog under Flower How To Number 2. I make only eight petals for the scarf and join two petals together as I go. Easy Peasy. The yarn is Plymoth Encore.
    Hope this helps.

  4. Believe it or not I found your blog by googling “Scrambled Eggs with toast and grape jelly”! LOL
    But I HAD to stop and comment that your animal pictures and your comments about them are beautiful. I wish the world were full of more wonderful people like you who have a very positive, sensitive and thoughtful attitude about things. It’s easy to see you’re a good person and I wish you the best.

    • Aw, thank you so very much! I love how you found me, lol. I deeply appreciate your kind words and they’ve made me realize how much I miss blogging. God willing I will get my computer fixed soon and I can stop mooching screen time from my husband 😉 Best wishes to you!

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