My Second Wool Gathering

It’s been longer than I expected to get around to writing this post. I blame Bryon and his decision to trade out his X-Box for a new video game system 😉 I’ve been spending a bit more time playing video games than I should lately. But here it is! I shall try not to rattle on too much and brace yourselves for lots of pictures!

As you can expect with A Wool Gathering, there were lots of these types of creatures!

Don’t mind the colored butts! They were color coded for some reason. One gentleman said it was relevant to the upcoming breeding season.

The one in the front lost a horn somehow.

These goats were so woolly!

This girly was a huge diva! She kept posing for people 🙂 I got a chance to pet her and her coat was so thick my hands just sunk into it.

This is a pile of 9 month old angora rabbits. It wasn’t that cold but they were as cuddled up as they could possibly get. You can only see three, but there is a fourth one in there too!

Besides animals, there were lots of crafting tools on display and for sale. Anything you wanted, you could find it.

Drum carders, spindles, and other assorted items.

One of my favorite looking spinning wheels. They had ones like this, smaller two-pedaled wheels, and one monster-sized spinning wheel taller than me!

Loads of fiber related books to peruse.

There were also a few booths set up with homemade things such as soaps, oils, lotions. Some of the shops used their own goats’ milk in their products!

And, as expected, there was loads and loads of yarn! Yarn and roving enough to make you swoon!

Luxury fibers that were seriously drool worthy to pet and cuddle.

There were also demonstrations to view. One of the favorites (especially for the children) is the sheep dog herding a group of ducks through an obstacle course.

Please ignore my thumb…

There was also a ton of spinning and weaving going on. I would LOVE to learn those skills but I have not the funds, materials, or personal instructor for such things. I don’t know anyone around here that does either of those things 😦 This festival is a couple of hours drive from my hometown.

This lady was actually weaving with plastic grocery bags cut into strips! The resulting purses were really cute. Talk about Reduce, Reuse & Recycle!

The amount of detail and pattern in this strip thoroughly impressed me.

This last one I found particularly fascinating. This lady was actually making bobbin lace by hand! See all of those little spindles? There are equally as many under the black cover to her open portfolio book. There were 30-40 of them total just to make that one design you see pinned down.

I have wondered how they created lace by hand centuries ago and now I know. I spent a lot of time talking to her and the other people in her guild. So much fun!

I came away with only a few items. I could have blown thousands of dollars worth, but I had a budget to keep…Darn responsibilities! Anywho, thanks for taking a little trip to my blog. I hope you all enjoyed A Wool Gathering with me!

~Lacey (who promises to do more crafty work this next week to make up for too much time playing Mario and Donkey Kong!)


10 thoughts on “My Second Wool Gathering

  1. Very cool festival:) In case you’re interested, you can make a spindle very cheaply with dowel, a CD and hook, or dowel, a toy wheel and a hook and there are great demos on youtube. I made a spindle for about $2.50 when I was first wanting to learn…I’ve since been bitten and have a couple of spinning wheels. Just thought I’d share:)

    • I’ve seen a few spindles like that! I just don’t know how to stretch the fleece/roving properly. I know how the process of a spindle works though. I know that once I get someone to show me I’ll want a wheel all the more! Thanks for stopping by and sharing 🙂

  2. I only feel a little bit better about your post because I went to the market this weekend where I got pretty yarn. But your festival looks so great!!! And all that yarn…!!! Droooool. I know what you mean about needing instruction for spinning. if you want to learn to weave though, it’s super easy. You can make a loom from the back of a cardboard box and yarn – the instructions can be googled. That lace making is amazing isn’t it? I’ve seen that done too – how to they keep track of it all??

  3. Lacey, I want to come to your festival next year, it looks like so much fun. We don’t have them here where I live in Florida, I want to pet an Llama or alpaca, and see the sweet face of a sheep. Hugs to you sweet friend,

  4. Now I have had a closer look at those looms. The long loom on the left with the ‘Rainbow Strap’ is card weaving or ‘Tablet Weaving’ this type of weaving goes back to the iron age. I can’t do it! but you rotate the cards that have the warp thread to get different patterns. Very clever I think. The loom to the right of that is an Inkle loom just like the one ‘The blue and white strap’ in my post was made on. They are good fun. Keep your eye out Lacey one might find it’s way into your house. There must be hundreds of these ‘hand me downs’ in peoples garages and attics and no one has a clue what to do with them! 🙂 xxx

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