Homegrown and Homemade

My concord grape jam is complete!

I am proud to say that I had my first canning/preserving experience this week 🙂 I picked about half of the grapes off of the vines in the backyard to get a full 5 lbs.

It took longer than expected to pick all of them off the stems. The grapes were so ripe they nearly burst when I pulled them off! Nearly all of them split their skins and several slipped out entirely. Grapes that have popped out of their skins really are quite slimy, especially after being washed off. It was an interesting task to try to grab handfulls of them and drop them through the feeder into my food processor.

This slop is what I boiled down. I failed to get a picture of it sitting and straining after boiling. It’s probably best, seeing as it was nasty! It smelled perfectly delicious, but boy was it gross to look at 😛

I never knew how much sugar went into making jellies and jams! The recipe I decided to use on the internet recommended using no/low sugar pectin so that is what I used. I managed to cut down the normal sugar amount (nearly 7 cups!) in half. This was my happy turn out after pouring and sealing.

Taa-Daa! Ten tasty jars of grape jam! I am a little embarrassed about one thing though. I added a bit too much pectin so it is really quite thick. Oh well, first time lesson learned. It still tastes delicious! So what did I deem appropriate for my first taste? I thought toast, jam, and some of those farm-fresh eggs gifted to me sounded excellent.

I do love scrambled eggs and toast for breakfast on the weekends 🙂 The knowledge of how “homey” the simple meal was made my heart happy. If only the bread had been freshly baked as well! Maybe next time. I look forward to learning more about canning and preserving over the next year.

Thanks for stopping in and I hope to be back soon to share about my trip to A Wool Gathering!



4 thoughts on “Homegrown and Homemade

  1. Well done you, for not letting those grapes go to waste and putting them to good use. Now for your next batch…lol…you could make more and make the jars pretty for gifts. Very thrifty. I have never had an abundance of grapes to make Jam with, it looks lovely and I have hear people in the USA talk about Grape Jelly. I have made jams that turn out like sauce and jams that you take a slice of! I make most of my own bread with the use of a bread machine. It was a good investment and makes the house smell delicious. I am impressed Lacey. Make that Very impressed! 🙂 XXX

  2. What fun! I love canning jams and, especially, fruit butters. Isn’t it amazing/horrifying how much sugar the standard recipes call for?! Like you, I cut that WAY down. Sugar helps the jams firm up, so as I decrease the sugar too, I frequently add some apple juice, pureed apples and/or pectin.

  3. Home preserving is addictive. Well done you on that grape jelly! It looks gorgeous, and most importantly, I’m sure very satisfying for you! I got into jams last summer – the plum, apricot and strawberry jams and pickles have kept us going all winter, and I’m really looking forward to the next preserving season!

  4. Sounds yummy!!! You amaze me how you are always excited to learn how to do new projects! Always keep the joy of life in your life. Too bad we we all could be more like you! lol Love ya!

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