Hats and Happy Surprises

I’m stopping by to do a post this evening because I have to share a little happy news with you! That and I might have to work on Monday (I normally don’t) and I don’t know if I’ll have time then to do my standard weekly post.

I have been busy, working away on those little hats for Lucy and her Project Rainbows. Mina had to help too of course.

Silly Mew. I now have 5 hats in each color and I’m wondering if I should make a few more before shipping them out. Suggestions? Is 15 good or how many is appropriate for a donation?

My happy little surprise came to me yesterday, or rather I stumbled into it. I park around the back of my house by a chain-link fence that separates my yard from my neighbor’s. I rarely pay much attention to all of the growth that weaves in and out of the fence. There are countless plants that grow wild around it, including my lovely hollyhock and lilac bushes. I noticed some pretty red berries growing along one side and went to investigate. As I got closer, I thought I saw something growing against the fence. “Surely not, ” I thought, but I pulled back the vines and what did I see?

GRAPES!!! Growing in my backyard of their own accord! I simply could not believe the odds or my luck.

See the little red berries that originally caught my eye?

Lots of pretty little clusters growing all over! I checked with my neighbors since we share the fence. It seems as though they planted them there about 30 years ago and got tired of them about 15 years ago. They thought they had eliminated all of the plants. It seems that over the years some of the root remnants have come back and grown up amidst the other plants unnoticed. I recently heard that this summer was ideal for grapes in this region due to the crazy heat and dryness, so that must’ve been what caused the fruit to finally pop out! Our neighbors said I could do whatever I wanted with whatever grew and I am so very excited! I have never done any kind of canning or preserving in my life but I have wanted to for years. This is my chance to learn 🙂 When those purple beauties are ripe in a few weeks, I am making some grape jelly! I had rather a bum week this past week and this surprise was just what I needed to help cheer me up.

I hope your weekends have a happy surprise for each of you! God Bless!

~Lacey & Mina



2 thoughts on “Hats and Happy Surprises

  1. I think you have done a completely amazing job with the hats, you are a Superstar! Thanks so much. 15 tiny babies will be very glad of those and fifteen sets of parents too. xxx I love your lucky find, my Grandmother used to have an old grape vine, the grapes were very sour. The only way we preserved them was by making wine! Have a great week. X

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