Busy, Happy Weekend

It was a crazy weekend, but it was a wonderful one! We started off by celebrating my sister. She graduates from college this month with a degree in Fine Arts and Graphic Design. Her Senior Art Exhibition was on Friday and on top of that she was presented with a special scholarship, AND she managed to sell three of her paintings! Congrats Sara!

Saturday morning I met up with Sara Lynn and Alethia for coffee and a trip to the local antique shop. The Olde Shoe Factory is a very old old building in my town that used to be just that. It is now filled with LOADS of old treasures and we had a lot of fun going up and down the countless aisles.

This particular booth reminded me of my late grandfather. He had a bunch of old tools and farm style equipment.


Look at all of the fun teapots!

The basement contained this beautiful old loom. What I wouldn’t give to see it all fixed up and to see someone using it!

We had a great time looking around until it was time for me to go. I dropped the girls off at Cassie’s house (she couldn’t go with us in the morning due to work) and then I headed home to pick up Bryon. The two of us headed up to Easton Town Center to celebrate his birthday. Easton is like a small town in that it has many buildings and streets, but it is basically a giant mall. There are tons of shops and restaurants. BD’s Mongolian Barbeque is a remarkable place to eat. For the amount of wonderful food you can get, the price is unbeatable.

My plate consisted of steak, chicken, lo mein, broccoli, carrots, bean sprouts, corn, brown rice, and crab rangoons on the side.

Oh my goodness it was yummy! After all of that food, we wandered around the rest of Easton while we waited for 7:00 to roll around. You see, we had gotten tickets to see The Avengers at the theater there. I must say, it was INCREDIBLE! The movie was great and we had a wonderful time.

Sunday was less exciting but still eventful. After church I headed out to visit a fellow worship member’s house. Eric had some new arrivals I wanted to see:

Chickens! Aren’t they all cute and fluffy? You can’t see see her in that picture but when they arrived he had received one “surprise” chicky and she all spotty like a dalmatian. He has a few different breeds and I’m curious to see what they will all look like when they get their proper feathers.

After lunch (leftovers from BD’s) I met up with Cassie and Alethia again. We went down to a little spot where Cassie and I used to play when we were little.

It was such a beautiful day we all went wading in the little creek near Cassie’s house. We’ve had such lovely weather lately! It’s been so nice, my little rose bush bloomed!

As I write this it seems as though we’re preparing for a solid spring thunderstorm so I think I’m going to head on off. I hope you all enjoy your week!



One thought on “Busy, Happy Weekend

  1. What a great weekend filled with happy things. My Other Half took Euan to see the Avengers this weekend, he loved it too. I love the chicks, how cute…a dalmation chick, that sounds special. You can’t beat paddling in warm weather either can you? x

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