Mid-Week Drop In

Happy Wednesday everyone ūüôā

I thought I’d pop in to share a few things so I don’t feel overloaded and bore you all to tears with a lengthy post this weekend. So many fun things in just a few days; I have to share!

Firstly, we partially celebrated Bryon’s birthday on Sunday. One of his friends (and his twin brother) were having their own birthday party that afternoon at a bowling alley so we figured we go along and have some fun.

Bryon taking a winning shot.

I did much better my first round, which was unfortunate. The twin’s family is remarkably generous and they had cash prizes for every spare or strike rolled during the second game! I think we made a grand total of $9 by the end. Still, considering we haven’t gone bowling for almost 2 years, we did pretty well! We’ll be celebrating for ourselves this upcoming weekend since this past weekend was obviously already a little busy. We are at least able to enjoy one of his presents together. He got the 10th and final season of Smallville on DVD! Woo! Call us geeks if you want, but we love the series and now the collection is complete ūüôā We are quite busy watching this in the evenings when I come home.

Mina also had a very busy weekend. It was a bit rainy and cold over the weekend so she was rather snuggly. There were many times she was being rather cute:

And other times being rather naughty:

She seriously has a string/strap fettish. It’s really starting to get on my nerves! I’m getting a bit tired of her chewing through and ruining my things. I do love her though. Apparently I just need to remember to put my things away to where she can’t get to them, go to bed only after laying out a pile of toy mice for her to play with through the night, and feed her on time all the time. Needy creature….

Moving on to happier things, I spent the last bit of my birthday money! Can you guess what was acquired with it?

Yup! Yarny supplies! I need the needles for an upcoming project (which I am remarkably excited to start). The purple yarn is for a new tea cozy for dear Sara Lynn. Her current cozy has been through a lot and is ready to retire. She explained this when we were over munching on scones and I told her I’ve been eager to make up the Granny Tea Cozy!by Alice Best. I showed her the picture and she said she’d love one in brown and purple. I am now prepared to begin! I only need her teapot now in order to keep measurements. Don’t worry though! She has many other teapots she can use while I work.

The skeins with the sequins were not exactly something on my shopping list, but there was no way on earth I could have resisted. I went into Hobby Lobby to waste a little bit of time while running errands on Monday (I was waiting for the lunch hour traffic to subside). That was my first mistake. After wandering around¬†a bit, I found myself back in the yarn department perusing the aisles with¬†nothing in particular in mind. Then I saw it. A new section of Yarn Bee called Diva. Granted, it’s a cheesy name, but the colors! Oh my they were all marvelous!¬†This¬†colorway¬†(Scottish Heather) was my favorite but I¬†literally can’t remember how many times I picked up, put back,¬†and picked up again the Bali colorway. I will go back and get it someday. I will.¬†The¬†sequins are just small enough that they add a bit of shine without being too¬†gaudy. This will¬†make a nice scarf or¬†cowl I am certain. ¬†I could continue to gush about this, but it would get old quick I am sure. Speaking of scarves, I did finish that last fuzzy scarf while we were at the bowling alley! I’m soooo glad to have finished the last of those fuzzy scarves for a while. Taa-Daa!

I hope you all enjoy the rest of your week and I look forward to telling you all about my upcoming fun filled weekend!

~Lacey, Bryon, and Mina

3 thoughts on “Mid-Week Drop In

  1. Hellooo…you have been busy, it sounds like you have been having some happy times. Naughty Mina! How can you be cross with such a cutie though? It is quite funny how she targets straps, but it must be very frustrating at the same time. I hope you have a great weekend, it sounds like it will be a good one. ūüôā

  2. Good to hear you had a great time bowling for Bryon’s birthday! I had forgotten that Bryon has a twin brother. Are they identical??? Your scarf turned out beautiful, and the fuzzy scarf!!! You have so many beautiful accessories!!! Mina looks so cute. . .and innocent in her pictures. lol Enjoyed youer blog!!!!!

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