One Odd Week

Happy Sunday!

It has been one odd week here in my little universe. Good, bad, and unexpected. To go in some sense of chronological order, I shall start last weekend when things began.

Grandma's Max and my aunt and uncle's Sasha

My grandpa's Sadie

We had a cookout at my aunt and uncle’s (dad’s brother) for the first time since my grandfather (dad’s dad) moved onto their property. My grandmother you always hear me talking about is my mother’s mom. She was down for the weekend and she decided to bring her dog down so they could all play together. What happens when you combine a corgi, a yorkie, and a shih tzu? Mass chaos. That’s what! In the end the pups tired themselves out, as you can see Sadie demonstrating above and we enjoyed the beautiful, if windy, weather.

Once the work week started, I was greeted by a big surprise. I work as a receptionist in a counseling center. So naturally, I have a sliding window through which to check in our clients. I walk in Monday morning and this is what I see:

They removed and plastered over my window! I knew we were making renovations, I just didn’t expect the window to be one of the first things they changed. It’s a royal pain and I’m very much looking forward to getting into my new office across the building and being reunited with my window. Working out of the door to my office is getting a little old 😛

Now here’s a fun one. My dad and I carpool to work, as he is one of the counselors. We were both compelled to stop when we saw this for sale at the end of someone’s driveway.

Tell me that isn’t a gorgeous old truck! I forget the exact date, but it’s a Chevrolet from the 1950s. Obviously restored but it still has its original engine. Ah, I’m still desperately wishing that someday I can get myself an old classic. I’m still drooling over the exquisite condition of this truck though.

As you can see from the pictures, it’s been a rather lovely week weather wise. It’s been a little chilly, but the sun has been great. I have a big flowering bush in my backyard that has been blooming like mad and basking in the sunlight. I just noticed how wonderfully fragrant it is! The only thing is I have no idea what its name is.

Anyone know what this might be? I’d love to know.

This weekend rolled around and I had a few different friendship experiences. I was reminded of my awkward high school/early college years when I had a couple of old high school friends stand me up. We were all supposed to get together Friday night while they were visiting our hometown. Instead, the two of them got together with a few other people and never called me back to tell me when and where to meet. The really upsetting part was the next morning when one of them contacted me and proceeded to lie about what “really” happened. I won’t go into details, but it was remarkably frustrating. I was truly pleased however to know that I had a Girls Night In planned at Sara Lynn’s for Saturday night. God bless true honest friends!

Our evening tea.

Sara Lynn makes THE BEST scones I’ve ever had. Ever. Homemade scones, freshly whipped cream, fresh fruit, and a big pot (or two) of strong black tea. Mix it all together with the best girlies ever and you get a very late night of good times 🙂 It was all a lovely evening until Alethia and I left. She and I drove together in her car and it was about 12:45 at night when we were a few miles down the road. For no visible, the truck in front of us bounced and spun around to face us with the headlights suddenly glaring in our faces, which was frightening and confusing in and of itself. Then the lights rolled over twice and the truck was tossed onto its side into a ditch on the side of the road! We were both shaking, stunned as we sat in the road, our headlights shining on the overturned truck as the driver shimmied straight up and out of the passenger side door. After a half an hour of ensuring that he wasn’t hurt, making multiple phone calls, and freezing in the night air, the police showed up to handle things and we were sent on our way. Much more excitement that night than we planned on!

That’s just my week. Bryon’s was equally abnormal. The good things out of his week include a fixed car and possibly a job! He’s been unemployed since the beginning of the year so this will be very helpful for us. He passed all three interviews and now we have to wait about a week or so to see what the verdict is. Please send your thoughts and prayers his way!

So, here we are. Sunday night. Relaxing with Bryon, watching old Disney movies (what can I say, we’re kids at heart!) and writing up my blog after some peaceful knitting. My shawl is coming along nicely and I finally have the seed/moss stitch down completely.

It’s growing beautifully, which is great but it’s making me wonder if I am going to need to transfer it to needles on a longer cable. I’m hoping I can get by though. I have enough yarn to make it a bit bigger than the pattern calls for, which will be nice.

I’ve carried on far too long at this point so I wish you all a wonderful week!

~Lacey & Bryon

4 thoughts on “One Odd Week

  1. You sweet thing, friends are a pain sometimes. Even when they get older you think they would mature. Good, solid trustworthy friends will never let you down, these are the ones you spend your energy on.

  2. I had a similarly weird week, lets hope the world gets back to normal soon! XXX Strange times we are in, Good Luck to Bryon with the job. 🙂 x

  3. The tea party sounded like a lot of fun! You are blessed with good friends. That is a beautifuly flowering bush! I will try to find out the name of it for you. I am so glad you always look for the good things in life to enjoy, Your glass is always half full not half empty 🙂 I pray that Bryon soon finds a job, to make life easier. I know it is not an easy time to find a job. I enjoyed spending time with you and Bryon, Sunday. The classic pickup was nice looking. I am glad you had a Happy Birthday!!! You deserve it! You are such a sweet and caring person, and you are so talented. I am so proud of you!!! Love you!, Grandma

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