Loving My New Shawl!

Hello Everyone!

Sorry it’s been a couple of weeks. My posting got away from me last weekend after Bryon and I decided to spend some quality time working on that puzzle from this post. It went many weeks without being touched and I’m getting a little tired of having it lying on my floor. It’s not quite finished yet, but we have plans to work on it again this evening.

We had a wonderful weekend celebrating Easter with my family. First to add a little bit of color to my Easter weekend is the fact that my backyard is now littered in little purple flowers πŸ™‚ I love this time of year!

Some other colorful bits of Easter included the snacks!

The leftovers of my cherry ring cake with homemade caramel frosting from Easter dinner.

An adorable ceramic bowl filled with goodies from my momma. Thanks mom!

Although my house may not be decorated with much color, I do enjoy happy bright colors!

Mina didn’t get any special goodies for the holiday, but she did have fun playing after the grocery trip,

Being a true cat, she does love playing in bags! Bags and yarn…

I was taking pictures of my current projects and she simply couldn’t resist crawling up and lying amidst my yarn. What you see there yet another tube scarf of fun fur. This is a different band though and I’m not a big fan. All of the others have longer hair and have a good bit of stretch and spring to them. This one isn’t as fuzzy and appears as though it’s been pre-stretched or something. There is no give to it whatsoever. The colors are pretty, but I’m glad there is only one skein in this brand. I have one skein left of fun fur with which to make a tube scarf after this one. So close to being done!

Here's the last tube scarf I finished.

Still on the knitting front, I have had a realization about my Yvaine shawl I started in my last post. As you saw, I was pulling the yarn down from my straight needles and it appeared as though it was being knit from the bottom tip up to the top.

After many times of reviewing my instructions several times over, I realized I HAD to be doing something wrong. The pattern definitely said that it was knit from the top down to the tip, but I couldn’t see where my error was. After emailing the designer and viewing countless in-process pictures off of Ravelry, I learned that it was indeed knit from top down and I was actually knitting it correctly, almost. There were three lessons learned by this knitting novice this past week: how to properly pick up stitches (which I was doing wrong), that seed/moss stitch isn’t as scary as I anticipated, and that top down shawls are knit on circular needles!

The progress after frogging and properly restarting.

I am adoring this shawl now that it is correctly underway! It is a fun and easy knit, the Skein yarn is glorious if not a little splity, and I can’t wait until I can wear it! What to know what else I’ve made that is fun to wear?

I finally finished up those crazy mitts I started back in October! They were basically doneΒ  around the first of this year; I was simply waiting to get my size 5 double points back from my sister after loaning them to her. I got them back and knit up the thumbs this past week! Woo!

I am off to run some errands on my day off before settling down in the evening for dinner with the hubby followed by a movie and some more knitting πŸ™‚ Have a beautiful week everyone!

~Lacey, Bryon, & Mina

5 thoughts on “Loving My New Shawl!

  1. You busy girl! Love the shawl it is looking great and yes it has to be done on circular needles but isn’t knit in the round like you hand mitts. Glad you had a lovely Easter.

  2. Your Mina does make me laugh, she really thinks she is ”something’ posing by those scarves, I love that she plays in bags too πŸ™‚ You have been very busy, the shawl is coming along beautifully, I am yet to make a successful shawl. The Mitts were a triumph too. xxx Glad you had a good Easter πŸ™‚

  3. The shawl you are making is beautiful!!! I love the color too. I really admire you for starting a great hobby, and being disciplined enough to be ever learning more about it and making so many beautiful projects. You do beautiful work, including the beautiful shawl you made for me πŸ™‚ What a nice surprise!!! Thank you so much!!! Have a wonderful week!!!

  4. Cats are so entertaining aren’t they! I find it so funny how they just love to photo bomb yarn photography sessions. Your shawl is looking good! What pattern is that? Love the mitts too.

    • I do love my cat. That’s for sure! The shawl is Yvaine by Liz Abinante. It’s a very simple knit that even I can do while watching a movie. Hurrah for free Ravelry downloads!

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