It Appears as Though Spring Has Sprung

Happy St. Patrick’s Day Everyone!

I hope you’re all enjoying yourselves and staying safe (Don’t Drink and Drive!). Another week has come and gone and it seems Ohio is officially turning over into spring! The spring rains are here and the temperature is a comfortable 65-75 degrees Fahrenheit right now. Perfect in my opinion! The windows are open throughout the house and we are all LOVING it! And today, my magnolia tree out front bloomed!

I think the blooms are absolutely beautiful 🙂 It amazes me how just yesterday they all still had their fuzzy green jackets on and today many of them shed their jackets and opened up. I wish the flowers lasted longer though. Do you have any plants you are thrilled to see blooming right now?

Oh, and I did get to go and visit my grandmother, cousin, and her beautiful new baby boy last weekend! Grandma lives in the same city, which is very convenient when visiting family. We arrived at Grandma’s place and I was able to give her a shawl I had been working on for some time now.

I’m so happy to finally show this to you all! She reads this blog so I couldn’t exactly spoil her surprise 😉 You can’t exactly see it in the picture, but there is a bit of tinsel woven through the yarn to give it a bit of a shine. I also was able to give Ashley the blanket and booties for Luke! Sorry, but I was too busy to get a picture of him all wrapped up in it.


He sucked on his fist nearly the whole time I held him, even after he fell asleep! For not even being a week old at that point he was pretty big! Ashley said he’s already into 3-month-old clothes. He was absolutely darling ^_^

When I wasn’t holding Luke, I primarily worked on my knitting. I finished that little clutch I was working on too.

You can see the sparkle better in this pic than you can in the one of the shawl. It’s made out of the leftover shawl yarn. The instructions call for a little tassel to be added to the tip of the flap. What do you all think? Tassel or no tassel? I’m not sure yet.

I’m off to go make some no-bake cookies for a family cook-out tomorrow at my folks place after church. First cook-out of the year! Gotta love the warmer weather 🙂 Thanks for stopping by and I hope you’re all enjoying the changing of the seasons wherever you are too!


3 thoughts on “It Appears as Though Spring Has Sprung

  1. Happy St. Patrick’s to you too (a little late)!

    Spring flowers are lovely. In New Zealand, a native tree that flowers in Spring (there aren’t many) is the Kowhai – masses and masses of gorgeous yellow bell-shaped blossoms. They’re so pretty, and the birds go crazy over the nectar.

    Your grandma’s shawl looks so pretty! I bet she loved it. The yarn is very pretty too. You should go with what you want on the purse – personally I like it without the tassel, but perhaps you’re a tassel kind of girl!?

  2. It beautiful sunny weather this week in the UK too, so I’m enjoying knitting in cool spring cottons, have a pop over to my blog if you fancy a peek.

    The magnolias are blooming here too, and I’m especially happy to see my pretty pink camelia flowering, just hope we don’t have any frost as the pretty pink petals will be damaged.

    Have a lovely weekend
    Fleur xx

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