All Fixed and Up To Date

Happy Wednesday!

I am happy to announce I am posting this from my very own, finally fixed computer ūüôā A BIG thank you to Mike who does all of the tech work for our local hospital. He’s a gem. Another happy thing is a small pot of tulips I got this week to grace my kitchen table. I saw them while getting groceries and couldn’t resist. They’re my favorite flower!

I’ve been a busy little bee lately with various things. Our church has joined with another and seeing as we now have two worship teams (instrumentalists/singers) we’ve had a couple extended get-to-know-each-others and practices over the weekends preceding our first combined Sunday. The folks from the other church have been great and I look forward to singing and hopefully playing (I’m excited to be able to break out my saxophone again) with them all.

My cousin has also had her baby! Little Luke wasn’t so little either. Ashley was induced and he was born 5 days after his due date¬†weighing in at¬†just under 10 lbs! I’m very excited to get to see him this upcoming weekend and take his blanket to him along with the little booties I decided to¬†hook up using the extra yarn from the blanket. I hope they fit him!

I also had another little project begin this past weekend. As much as I love my scarf I’m (still) knitting up, I’ve really been feeling kinda twitchy about my knitting lately. I finally took the time to go through my small collection of knitting books and bookmark the items I would like to try make. Just for fun, I decided a little purse/clutch out of some leftover sparkly yarn would be a good first out-of-a-book project.¬†(The main¬†sparkly project will be revealed soon!) ¬†I got all excited and had to pop over to Jo-Ann’s to find a pretty¬†button for the clasp.

I’d never bought buttons for a project before! Some may find it rather sad that I get all excited about something like finding a¬†perfect button for a project, but I know there are some of you out there who understand my simple joy!

Currently my purse is about halfway done. Granted, it shouldn’t be taking this long but once again my over-active brain got sidetracked into starting something else the same night.

It’s a fuzzy tube scarf. One of the teachers I worked with during my student teaching course wore these all of the time. She paid another teacher to make her various scarves to match different outfits. Fast forward to when Alethia and I went to The Spinning Turtle back in¬†this post. The shop owner making one of those style scarves on a tiny knitting¬† loom intended for making raffia flowers. I thought “Hey, I could do that! A perfect generic scarf to put up in the craft fair at the hospital!”

While button shopping, I naturally found myself back in the yarn section of the store and what do I find? Lo and behold, there is a tiny flower loom on the wall calling my name! I had been looking for one of those suckers for months and hadn’t been able to find one. Needless to say, it ended up at home with me. So there I was: itchy hands, a new loom, and¬†a bag of fuzzy yarn from this post that’s been waiting patiently in my yarn stash for that very moment.¬†I’m curious to see how much length I can get out of one skein of the¬†Fun Fur yarns.

I also added a “1Up” mushroom to the red one! The base connects better to the cap on this one and I tried to leave some white in the eyes like my brother asked so I could see how it looked. I think he’s pretty good but I think I still have a bit of a soft spot for my first one ūüėČ Well¬†I think that about sums up my yarny business as of late. Another time-muncher has been a large 1000 piece¬†mosaic puzzle¬†I’ve been wanting to do. Bryon and I enjoy puzzles a lot so we were given a challenging puzzle as¬†a gift a while back; we’re finally starting it! Ever tried to do a puzzle made out of thousands of little individual pictures? It’s ridiculous! Here’s the progress as of tonight.

Here is a close up of the eyes so you can see the mini pictures. They are all images from various Disney movies.

See where there is a piece missing in the top border? Can you guess where it went? ¬†I’ll give you a little hint……

Yup! She ATE the darn thing! She had been trying to sneak pieces out of the box, which makes sense for her. I was surprised though when she attacked the connected pieces on the floor and ran off with them! We weren’t able to rescue that one piece before she had chewed it down. It’s a good thing those pieces are small and bio-degradable. So now we have a puzzle under a blanket on our floor, weighted down by books and other items (or else she just gets under the blanket) until we finish it.

Have you started any new projects lately? Do you have any animals who simply live to get into your stuff? I’d love to hear some fun stories if you have any ūüôā Thanks for stopping by!


PS: I’m now up over 1000 hits! Thank you all so much for popping in to visit my corner of the blogiverse ūüôā

6 thoughts on “All Fixed and Up To Date

  1. Wow you have been busy, of course we understand the joy of buttons! And Booties, and baby blankets and sparkly purses and tube scarfs and. . . . . did I miss anything? Oh yeah ‘Flower Looms’ congrats on the ‘Flower Loom’. Mina taught you a lesson for looking too long at puzzle pieces when you should have been looking at her! My dog ‘Lacey’ has a passion for nicely skeined Alpaca, she can always find it but I can’t. I also had a dog that used to like chewing my book covers, I have some with the front missing and some with the back missing. I hope we see some photos of the ‘not’ so little Luke…… xxx

  2. You’ve been a busy bee alright! Wow! I like those buttons. Finding the perfect button really is a mission. I can understand your happiness there. Congrats on your 1000 hits!

  3. You amaze me with all the projects you get done! I love your sense of humor, and positive attitute toward life. I am so happy for you that you got your computer fixed!!! It is hard to live without them. Thanks for coming over today! I always love seeing you. . .also that you for the beautiful wrap that you made me. It is beautiful!!! You are so talented and so giving. You are a blessing!

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