I’m Back!

Can I just say that I’m glad to be back on my blog again? Hello again to you all!

I’ve been able to check things on the internet via my phone and during my lunch break at work, but I haven’t been able to post anything of my own. I have had a lot happen this past month and I’d love to share some of it with you!

First off (the weekend the my computer failed me) my sister had her reception after getting married in Italy! She had a beautiful reception and we had a great time.  There was only one wardrobe malfunction to my knowledge. It happened to be mine…Granted, those heels were quite old. My strappy black heels (which were purchased in 2001) finally had enough and the platform/bridge/heel section snapped right in half at the exact moment I bent down to pin up Sara’s bustle on her gown. I hadn’t realized it had happened until the photographer put his camera down in front of my face, my obliterated shoes filling the display screen. Mind you, the group photos were taken at the beginning of the evening and we had just finished the photo-shoot when all of this happened, thank goodness! At least I had an excuse to go barefoot the rest of the night! 🙂

Winter has carried on at an odd pace. Snowing and freezing over to make beautiful landscapes, day-long rainstorms turning everything into muddy slush, and lovely, jacketless sunny days, copy, paste, repeat. Mother nature can’t seem to decide if she wants to be stay winter or go on into spring!

I’ve also been busy with my yarny business! I’d be so bored without it. Firstly, I finished little Luke’s blanket!

It is more rectangular than I’d like, but it is very soft and drapey. It’s being shipped out this weekend. I do hope he and his momma like it. He should be arriving any day now and we’re all very excited to meet him! I also got back into my hooky business a week or two ago. I visited my nerdier side and I couldn’t resist making this little guy.

Ah! I love him so much! A part of me does desperately miss my video game days, primarily the classic games like Mario. I proudly displayed my little mushroom to my brother, who promptly declared he needed a collection of the various Mario Mushrooms (growth, 1UP, poison, etc). So it seems I have some research to do and some more mushrooms to make here in the near future 🙂 Hurrah for fun crochet plushies! Greatest thanks for the Mario Mushroom by Linda Potts.

My needles haven’t been idle since I finished the blanket. I did go through a bit of a slump there for a while where I couldn’t decide what to make next. I had the yarn for projects, yes, but I didn’t have the needles for most of them! I ran through my lists again and again and finally discovered I had the proper needles to make Favorite Scarf Ever by Lisa Bruce. I was a bit intimidated by making something with a design, especially since it used a new stitch for me. I can be so silly sometimes…

I love it! The pattern is super easy and I caught on right away. I’m happily knitting away on a new scarf for myself and I know I will be using this pattern again. Thanks Lisa!

I know it’s not a lot, especially compared to some of the knitting/crocheting beasts out there whose awesomeness puts me to shame, but I am proud of my little projects. If you want to see a woman with a passion for knitting, check out Wei Siew at http://kiwiyarns.wordpress.com/  She has recently set a goal for herself to knit: 4 pairs of plain socks, 1 woman’s cardigan, 1 hat, 1 man’s pullover, 3 children’s cardigans, and 1 baby pullover all in 9 weeks! Kudos to her I say!

Miss Mina Mew seems to have completely recovered from her ugly bout of piddle-on-the-carpet disease. Yay! She’s now roaming the house freely and wreaking havoc wherever she can, as per usual. This morning at 5:30 she woke me up by jumping up on my dresser (where she does NOT belong) and knocking my cosmetics case onto the floor with a clatter.We love her, but golly she can be a nuisance! Can anyone else relate? I imagine it’s mildly similar to having a small child.

Now that I’ve talked far too much, I’m fairly caught up on what has transpired in the past 30 days or so. I have more to share, but that’s for another day! Love you all and have a wonderful weekend!

~Lacey, Mina, and Bryon (who is a real dear for allowing his wife to use his computer to blog while hers remains down)

2 thoughts on “I’m Back!

  1. Your scarf yarn is gorgeous….looks like feather and fan pattern???

    Your kitty is adorable…OUrs does the same thing when we sit in our laz y boy chair……
    I find you must ignore the early a.m. cat pleas or they will get earlier and earlier!

  2. Good to see you back, I loved this post. Oh Dear! Is all I can say about those shoes! I am very impressed with the scarf, it is going to be beautiful. I don’t believe Mina can be a nuisance, she looks such a sweetie. She looks very spoiled snoozing on her Daddy 🙂 You should teach your brother to crochet….he could make his own mushrooms. X

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