Mid Week Happiness

I’m stopping in for a late, mid-week post just to share a few happy things about my week! Firstly:

We had our first real snowfall! It’s just a little bit, but it did coat the ground 🙂


Due to a new under-the-tank heating pad, Jocelyn (our office gecko) is feeling much happier and is actually crawling out and about of her little cave! We’ve had her for about 5 months now and I’ve only ever seen her creep out a couple of times throughout those months. She spent my whole work day crawling all around her terrarium. Highly distracting, highly entertaining 🙂

Thirdly (and lastly):

This is the front cover of my wedding scrapbook created by my amazing mother. My mom loves to scrapbook and has been working diligently on putting this together for me; now it’s complete! Here is my blog debut!

Clearly Bryon is going to accompany me in a few of these. Also accompanying me are my father, my bridesmaids, and his groomsmen.

Bryon really is rather tall. I look far too short compared to him, as do the other men!

This last one I’m showing you is just a bit amusing in my mind. Matt caught my garter and Sara (my sister) caught my bouquet at the wedding last year. The traditional theory is that the ones who catch the throw items are the next to get married, although not necessarily to each other. The odds were just too funny. They are now getting married in just over a week! Mom is going to have to start another scrapbook here soon 😉 Welcome to the family Matthew!

Unfortunately, many of these pictures are a bit fuzzy, but that’s in part due to my unsteady hand and a plastic cover over many of the pictures. I hope you have enjoyed seeing a few of the many, many pages in my book! Have a wonderful rest of your week and I have some fun yarny bits to show you come Sunday!


5 thoughts on “Mid Week Happiness

  1. Lacey, I am so glad you appreciate and are enjoying your scrapbook. I LOVED making it for you! You are beautiful inside and out. 🙂

  2. What a beautiful ‘Keepsake’ your Mom has created for you. What a lovely Wedding. I hope your sister’s wedding goes just as well. How exciting. We have had no snow here at all yet, last year we had a ‘BIG’ Freeze. I am rather glad that so far this year we have not…I worry about the Chicken Girlies! Finally…what happy news about the lovely Jocelyn she sounds like quite a character…I would never get any work done if I had her to play with!

  3. I saw a gecko similar to Jocelyn today and thought of her! You’re so lucky to work with her. 😛 I’m glad she’s getting more out and about. I think she is precious!

  4. Your Mom is amazing making that beautiful scrap book for you. And now with your sister getting married she will have to make one just as beautiful. You looked gorgeous and very, very happy.
    Hugs to you,

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