The Holidays are Upon Us

Happy Wednesday Everyone!

Ah. Christmas and New Year are so close I feel like I can smell them! I guess in some way, I can! It smells like cardboard, packing materials, and (more pleasantly) baking! I’m trying to get some things wrapped up both literally and figuratively before this weekend comes along. Last week was crazy busy with various things, including a very fun surprise birthday party that we threw for Cassie 😀 Needless to say we had a blast. My Avon business filled many other hours. Then came more fun stuff: knitting and baking/cooking!

This time of year is for friends, family, food, and festivities. Yes, I equate knitting as a festivity! I’m so excited to be making some headway on my current projects! A while back, I made a fingerless mitt by just making something up. You may remember it from here. My newer mitt is basically done now.  I just need to do the thumb of the first new mitt and I love it! I’m hoping I can make the second one come along quickly now that I’m comfortable with the pattern.


I also finished momma’s scarf! I ended up giving it to her for her birthday instead of Christmas. I’m quite pleased with it. It matches her coat perfectly and is more substantial than I anticipated, seeing as it is crocheted out of fun fur.

I’ve also made notable progress on my sock! I just need to sew the toe up and I’m ready to start my second one. The sock progress is slow, but that’s ok. I’m not in any big hurry to crank out socks. After I finish this pair, I think I’m going to try out the double points again. They keep scaring me off! I’ve been watching a few tutorials online and reading some pointers on Ravelry that are helping me feel a bit more confident. At some point I will stop shying away from new things! I know I’ll be happier after conquering something new 🙂

This is something(s) new I got last week! The KnitPicks (there are three matching skeins stuffed into my stash) is a gift from my lovely knitting buddy Alethia. In case you can’t really see it, it’s a wonderful purple/blue heather and I would love to make it into some sort of shrug/vest kind of thing. It’s a sport weight yarn, 100% Peruvian Highland Wool. I’m know that weights and materials make a large difference in the way something works up, but I really don’t know what materials do what in the sense of wear and drape. Anyone have any pretty (and relatively simple) ideas for a shrug/vest with this type of yarn?  I’m all up for suggestions!

The beginnings

The other yarn is for something new as well. I’m going to try felting! Can I just add that 100% wool is challenging to find around here? The idea as a whole doesn’t necessarily appeal to me, but I saw these adorable Felted Notions bags in Alice’s blog, Crochet With Raymond and I simply had to give it a go! I’ve got the bag in the wash this evening so I’m curious to see how it turns out after the magic is complete.

That about sums up my extra-curriculars lately. I’m greatly looking forward to the next week as there is a whole bunch of NOTHING planned besides Christmas day chilling out with my folks and siblings and then visiting extended family on Monday. Ah. Sweet nothing. I can sit and knit and crochet and visit and relax. I just need to finish wrapping and baking first! Until next time, have a very merry Christmas and enjoy doing whatever you and yours do to celebrate!

Merry Christmas from Mina & Me!


3 thoughts on “The Holidays are Upon Us

  1. Lacey, you have been very busy. I have to say I love your socks but I have given up trying to knit them. I just thought they took sooooooo much time. Maybe I have attention issues in my old age. I love all you yarn and wish you the very best Holiday Season,
    Hugs to you,

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