Prepping for Christmas!

Tis the Season Everyone!

How have you all been coping with the month of December? I’ve been going about my routine: delivering Avon, visiting with the girls, cleaning house, and attempting to keep up with my yarny business. Adding to the routine was a standard dental appointment, a candlelight walk with the churches of Pleasantville, some extra visits with the girls (hectic weekend trying to work with everyone’s schedules), some Christmas decorating, and a mini-bout of the stomach flu :p

The candlelight walk was very pleasant. It wasn’t snowy like it was last year, but it was just cold enough to make the cookies and hot cocoa mighty enjoyable after trekking around outside.

We followed the luminaries throughout the town to each of the churches for a mini-service from each.

After the refreshments at the last church, there was a short concert back at my church. A group of wonderful gentleman I know make up a group called Clear View Mirror and they have a whole lot of fun performing highly upbeat contemporary worship music.

I’ll admit I got a few odd looks from the visitors from the other churches during the concert. There I was, sitting in my chair, tapping my foot and bobbing my head to the beat whilst knitting away at my purple blanket. My own church family is quite used to my yarn accompanying me wherever I go πŸ™‚ I’m happy to admit my blanket is coming along very well! Considering I’m working on it amidst all of my other projects as well, I anticipate having it complete by New Year.

It needs a good blocking, but it'll be great!

I’ve also gotten some progress in on my second fingerless mitt. I’m beginning to think that if I have enough yarn, I would like to make three instead of just two. My first one has several little blips in it since it was my experimental mitt. I’d like to have an even looking set. I bought some metal circulars to use for this second one since the wooden ones didn’t agree with me. I’m loving it! Ah, the ease and speed of metal needles ^_^ The lovely, sproingy, soft and colorful yarn is gush worthy as well! I love working with 100% wool!

My latest project doesn’t have a bit of wool in it, but the material was a special request from my mother for her Christmas scarf. She requested fuzz/hair. The option which had the colors best suited to match her jacket was in the Fun Fur section. I’m back to crocheting with this project and it feels very nice to have my first love back. It’s coming along nicely and I really hope she likes it! I’d post a pic of my progress, but seeing as she reads my blog, I’ll keep it hidden from her until Christmas πŸ˜‰ Love you Momma!

Mina has been feeling remarkably clingy lately and I’m not sure why. I can hardly sit down for more than five minutes before she crawls up onto me.

You can see the yarn in my lap peeking out from behind her bulk.

My foot soak stuff is visible on the floor. It’s been way too long since I pampered myself in that way. It is such a pleasure to sit and knit while my feet soak in a hot tub of water with fizzing aromatic salts. Bliss! I highly recommend it to any and all of you ladies!

I also managed to get some of the Christmas decorations up! Finally! Everything is up with the exception of our tree. Due to some outside factors, there will not be room for our tree until some of our furniture becomes relocated this weekend. For now, this little tree shall suffice!

I’m so ready to get on with setting up the tree and getting Christmas goodies baking! Here is a memory from last year’s Christmas. Bryon and I’s first Christmas as a married couple, and Mina’s first Christmas ever:


You can imagine how hard it was to decorate the tree with her crawling around in it! I can imagine this year will be a similar challenge. I’ll let you know how it goes! My sister’s bridal shower is this weekend, so I’ll be busy getting things together for that. I’m hoping hers will be as enjoyable for her as mine was for me! Have a wonderful week!


Lacey & a lovable Mina

2 thoughts on “Prepping for Christmas!

  1. Lacey,
    I love the picture of your sweet kitty in the tree, so cute. I think I will set up a little pedicure station and knit while me feet soak, a perfect idea. Hope your holiday decorating is going well.

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