Trick or Treat!

Happy Halloween Everyone!

Well this has been an interesting Halloween for me. I’ve certainly had more tricks than treats lately. For those of you who saw my last post, today marks one week since I had my surgery. I’ve since had one week off of work and I’ve spent that week not doing much of anything. My main pastimes have been sleeping, reading, and knitting. I promise you there is now a permanent booty print in the couch where I have been lying. Bed rest is both a curse and a blessing! Mina has been playing nurse and decided I needed a heating pad on my chest while I was lying down one day.

Goofy thing. Oh well! Normally I keep to the love seat and she takes the sofa while Bryon sticks to his chair. Doesn’t it figure that the smallest of us takes the largest piece of furniture? Since I took the couch this week she has pretty much been curled up on some part of me most of the time. Whenever I would get up, I’d come back to this:

I'm sure she's going to be glad to get her couch back when I head back to work tomorrow!

I’ve had a few other nurses this past week. God Bless my grandmother 🙂 She spent the most time with me right after my surgery since Bryon had to return to work. She spent her afternoons with me while he was away. Eventually she had to head back home and my friends kept me company. Alethia and Cassie came over Friday night for our regular yarny exploits since I was unable to leave the house. Cassie was bound and determined to carve pumpkins on top of our normal activities. Alethia carved out a cute kitty cat, I doodled a little face on mine (I’m not much of a carver), and Cassie chipped out a face onto hers. It was apparently too thick to hollow out.

I like my little warty gourd 🙂

On to knitty business. I turned the heel in my sock today! Yay! The picture was taken Friday so it has grown a smidgen since then. I do like socks, they just take a long time since the stitches are so dinky. I’ll be very happy and proud to complete my first pair. This one is only the first though. I have many stitches still ahead of me!

I'm loving the colors!

I’ve also added several inches to my little baby blanket.

This was another good, mindless knit I could work on when I was in the haze induced by the strong pain pills. It’s very fuzzy and comforting, which made it a pleasure to work on while I was curled up on the couch. During my more cognitive hours, I kept to my Apple Hill Mitts. Well, mitt.

So close!

I’m nearly finished with the first one! I’m so excited! It has a few hiccups here and there, but I’m very proud of my first in-the-round project ^_^ I need to finish the top ribbing and do the thumb. You can see the stitches being held by my blue needle since I don’t have any “real” stitch holders. I’m hoping I can put the thumb together without much trouble.

That pretty much sums up my week. Tomorrow, some semblance of normalcy shall return to my life. I do still have two follow-up appointments and a blood test in my immediate future, but my schedule should go back to the way it was before all the madness began. Hopefully next time I talk to you all, I’ll have all of this behind me!

Happy Halloween from Lacey & Mina.


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