Busy, busy, busy!

Happy mid-week to you all!

Wow, ever feel like time is slipping through your fingers before you even realized that it was slipping away? Granted, things are not necessarily stressful (thank heaven), but they are keeping me on my toes. Let’s see, I’m still dealing with Bryon’s weird “new” schedule at work, my blasted car is back in the shop for the same reason from just three weeks ago, us girls had our Yarning together again, Bryon and I went to the Fairfield County Fair, we also went to a wedding for the son of a friend of ours, visited with my grandmother who came to visit again as well as my brother and sister (and her fiance) who were home from college for the weekend, and next thing I knew the next week had begun!

I love my girl friends! We all have the best of times when we get together. This Friday Sara Lynn made some marvelous “roll-up pancakes” for all of us, which we quickly devoured before heading off to her craft room. It was the first time all four of us were actually able to meet! Hugs were shared as well as stories, and before long nearly all of us were crying from laughing. Good times 🙂 I spent my evening working on a knit baby blanket. Remember that yarn I bought last weekend? I now have the bottom border plus some done on my blanket and I’m quite pleased!

I also tried to start up some fingerless mitts out of some pretty Lorna’s Laces yarn. I was very excited to start a knitting project in the round! I tried originally with the pattern I had found on Ravelry. It required a tubular cast on, which was very educational. The only trouble with that is I am a VERY tight knitter. Definitely should’ve used bigger needles! So, after a headache and an unraveled would-be project, I decided it was time to move on. I picked my poor yarn back up and decided to wing it on size 5 circulars instead of size 2 double points. I only completed a couple of rows of the ribbing, but it’s a start 🙂 Can I just say I love Youtube? It wasn’t long before I figured out how to work up something on circs that didn’t require the full length of the cable. I’m so glad I finally learned that. It opens up a lot more possibilities!

It's so squishy and springy! I love it!

That takes us to the fair. One of my favorite things about the fair, besides the ridiculously yummy deep-fried food, is going to see all of the livestock. The poultry in particular is always amusing to see. Here’s a glimpse of what we saw there:

A monstrous goose

The grand champion turkey

A very handsome rooster!

I love ducks!

A pretty little speckled hen

Anyone know what the heck this fuzzy chicken is? It looks like a Jim Henson muppet!

I wanted to take this beautiful bunny home with me!

The Cadbury Triplets

Some adorable little piglets

This steer had a serious stud price on him!

Horses are so majestic and beautiful.


Some wooly goats were fighting over the best hay in the pen

Bryon couldn't resist giving a scratch to this friendly goat 🙂

The feral barn cat!

Ok, so maybe she isn’t a barn cat. Heck, I’d bet she’d be a miserable mouser. She is however, fascinated by chasing things that really aren’t hers. Remember when Max visited a few weeks ago? Mina unearthed a little rawhide bone of his and decided it was the coolest toy ever.

She chews on the crazy thing and carries it around just like a dog. I think my cat is a bit soft in the head at times. But I can’t deny she is cute! I love my Mew 🙂

Goodnight from Lacey and the Dog Cat!

4 thoughts on “Busy, busy, busy!

  1. What a great post, it is good to stay busy (not stressed but busy!) The Muppet Hen is called a ‘Silkie’ they are very cute. My youngest son was desperate for a ‘Bob Marley’ chicken when we saw one for sale. Mina looks so delighted with her dog chew! I used to buy a large knuckle bone for my old cat and roast it. He would chew it just like a dog. It is a bit of a messy treat.

  2. She is not just cute, she is adorable. I love the color of the baby blanket and to go to a fair!!!! I am so jealous. I live in such a busy area of Florida, we don’t have fairs, or Autumn festivals, it is so sad. I love the sheep, pigs, alpacas, well everything. Hope you have a wonderful weekend,

  3. That “beautiful bunny” you wanted to take home peed on me when I took his picture when I was there. The turd. I’m glad you enjoyed the fair! I didn’t see much poultry when I was there. It was like, goat day. There were goats everywhere I looked! At least I didn’t run into any giant, sock-eared ones. 😛 You know how I feel about those.

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