Harvest is Almost Here!

Good Evening Ladies! (or men if there are any)

The fields I love so much!

Welcome to October in Ohio! Ah, I love driving through the acres and acres of fields that surround my city. The trees are still fairly green all things considered, but the fields are taking on their gorgeous golden color. This is one of the soy bean fields I drive by every day on the way to work. Soy beans and corn are the primary crops in my part of the state.

This one is actually a mini vineyard near my parent's home. It's the only place in the entire state I've ever seen grapes!

Seeing as Halloween is coming up, many corn fields are transforming into mazes and haunted fields. I’m not much of a “scary stuff” person, so I prefer the mazes. The ingenuity behind them impresses me.

Another bean field. I actually like the way this picture turned out ๐Ÿ™‚

Besides appreciating the beauty of the local fields, I’ve been working hard both at work and at home. I received two lovely thank-you’s from people at work. Some pretty little flowers from one of the therapists:

And a nearly flawless pumpkin from the children of one of our regular clients:

A brother and sister come with their mom every Tuesday and play in the waiting room. The daughter is learning to crochet so she brings her yarn to show me her latest endeavor while her little brother builds all sorts of things out of Legos. Their mother told me that he (the little boy) specially picked and cut the pumpkin himself from their garden while he handed it up to me, grinning from ear to ear. I love those kids! ^_^ Anywho, on to my own crafty endeavors!

I am nearly done with my ruffly scarf! I have just a couple more rows to do along with the edging. I know it doesn’t look too ruffly all laid out, but it twists up nicely when it hangs. It’ll be incredibly warm wrapped around theย neck. Goodness knows it keeps my lap warm when I work on it!ย  Oh, and I have a confession……

Mina had to investigate.

I cheated on my yarn diet. One of the other therapists knits baby blankets like it’s nobody’s business. She likes to make basic little blankets and she was telling me that this particular yarn can make a whole blanket with just one skein! My grandmother was in for the weekend and she gave me a few dollars to get something for myself. I had a coupon to JoAnn Fabrics and couldn’t resist the opportunity to make on of those blankets myself! I had to purchase a set of needles since I didn’t have any size 10s in my slowly growing collection. Mina quickly made off with my purchase.

She loved the package so much I decided to leave it out for her after I got my needles out. For the moment it accompanies her pumpkin on the floor. My little pumpkin has decidedly become hers by now. This is in part due to the fact that it is actually big enough that it doesn’t slide under the furniture! All of her other toys are tiny (picture standard toy mice) and are easily batted under EVERY SINGLE PIECE OF FURNITURE we have in our house. It’s really quite exasperating to have to dig them out constantly. The pumpkin is just big enough that it doesn’t get buried! Yay! I did manage to make that second pumpkin I mentioned I wanted to make in my last post. There is now another little pumpkin awaiting my sister’s return from college. I’m very excited to give it to her ๐Ÿ™‚ Now she will have her own bit of autumn for her dorm. I look forward to seeing her and my brother again next weekend. I’m curious to see what all the next week holds! Have a good one everyone!

Mina says goodnight!

Lacey & Mina

8 thoughts on “Harvest is Almost Here!

  1. Well done for doing a good job, you are obviously much appreciated. What a lovely grandmother and wise spending. I can not believe how photogenic Mina is, she is quite the Superstar. That kitty seems to like what her ‘Mommy’ likes. My dog, Lacey, gets jealous of my craft, she like to nudge my needles when I am knitting, obscure my patterns and if I am spinning she stops my wheel!

    • It amazes me how some pople can pass animals off as dumb creatures. It takes intelligence to be mischevious! I’m sure Lacey knows what she’s doing when she’s inhibiting your knitting and spinning. Mina always gives me “the look” when she grabs my crafty things. You can see it in the picture where she’s holding the needle packaging! Those ears give her away every time. Does Lacey have a look?

  2. Lacey, You have a special gift of seeing the joys each day provides us, if we take the time to notice. God has given us a beautiful world to enjoy. I love the fall season too. I brings me peace to take it all in. You are a taqlented writer. I enjoy your blog soooo much. I loved having time with you last weekend. You are a beautiful Granddaughter. You are loved ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. Hi, I am so glad you popped by my blog for a visit. Love cats and all things to do with yarn. I especially like the shawl you made for your Mom. Where in Ohio do you live? My son just verbally commited to OSU for swimming next fall. It is far from Florida but a great team and great school so I am excited for him

    • I’m in Lancaster, about an hour south-east of Columbus. I did see your post about your son and was surprised to see he was going to school so far from home! It is a good school though and I hope he enjoys it here. Thanks for stopping by!

  4. I can’t wait to come home as well! I look forward to my own little yarn pumpkin. ๐Ÿ™‚ That pumpkin from the kids really IS nearly flawless! Absolutely beautiful. I love fall! (P.S.- I have a confession. I left school for the afternoon and drove home for a few hours to go to the fair today. WORTH IT.)

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