Renaissance Festival!

Good Evening!

Sunday evening has arrived and I’m enjoying the last bits of what has been a wonderful weekend. Yesterday Bryon, myself, Alethia, and four other of our close friends went out to the Ohio Renaissance Festival! For me personally, it’s my 9th year straight going. Call us all nerds if you like, but we sure do enjoy ourselves! After stopping to get coffee, we set out early to make the longish drive to get there when the gates opened.

You can see two of the "heralds" up on the wall. The one is holding onto his hat since the wind was so strong!

It was freezing! I think it may have hit 50 degrees but it was in the 40s mainly. Brrr! We heard some people betting on the possibility of snow.The good thing is that it was dry. We’ve had so much rain lately we were worried. Bryon ended up buying a cloak fairly soon to help him stay warm and Alethia got a beautiful fur shoulder wrap. I generally don’t approve of buying and selling furs, but the Lost Viking Hoard is a wonderful company that purchases all of their skin/fur from indigenous tribes who use the entire animal including the bones (jewelry, buttons, etc). It’s a very eco-friendly group of individuals. We visited several other stores varying from clothing shops, glass blowers, metal working, weapon shops, and pottery. So many fun things to buy and not enough money to spend! There were also several performers that were very entertaining. As always, we went to see The Swordsmen give their swordplay and comedy routine. There were also multiple musicians playing various instruments, including my favorite gentleman there who plays a glass harmonica. If you don’t know what that is, google it! It really is incredible. And the biggest event is naturally the joust! It is a full armor, full contact joust. Here is the knight who fought on our side of the list.

Sir Timothy

Putting on his helmet.

I’ll admit, the joust was a little disappointing this year. Only two lances broken and ended in a tie. Last year’s was incredible! Comparatively it was a bit of a let down but you can’t have an epic battle every year. I would have a lot more pictures overall, but unfortunately my batteries died much earlier than anticipated so these are the only ones I have for you…alas. After enjoying several hours of entertainment and losing all feeling in our fingers and toes, we piled back into our two cars and came back to our little home. It wasn’t long before everyone was curled up in the living room with blankets and hot drinks. Good times!

On a yarny note I finished the matching scarf!

That took me back down to 0 projects! I felt a little deprived and empty after I realized I didn’t have any other WIPs to turn to. My goals this week are to start that red ruffly scarf I had mentioned in my last post and work up at least one new little pumpkin since my sister requested one for her dorm room. I’d like to make another one as well since Mina seems to like the first one so well; that way she can have one of her own!

She refused to give me the towel after folding a warm load of laundry. A warm towel and a woolly toy. What more could she ask for?

Ah well. I did begin at least one new project tonight though! I dug out a sock loom I bought a while back when I told myself I wasn’t ever going to learn how to knit properly. I have some pretty autumnal looking sock yarn that I’d like to knit up and I figured I’d give the loom another shot! I made a manky looking practice sock on it when I first got it, but now that I understand more about how knitting works (ie- how to pick up dropped stitches) I am sure that I can make a better looking sock the second time around πŸ™‚

The colors in the picture make it look a bit like a rainbow, but the colors are much more "leafy" looking in person. Does that make any sense? There's a lot of orange and yellow in it.

I also made some yummy Spicy Peanut Soup for dinner tonight, which made Bryon exceptionally happy! It’s a different kind of dish, but we love it and it goes wonderfully with some warm crusty bread, especially on a chilly day! So that pretty much sums it up. A great weekend with close friends, hot food/drinks, and pretty yarns. Does it get much better than that? Ahhh, I think not ^_^

Lacey &Β  Mina


2 thoughts on “Renaissance Festival!

  1. The festival looked fun. I often get caught out and feel the cold, it is a wonder as we make so many hats, scarves and gloves! Your sock loom looks really interesting, I have never used a knitting loom. The Beautiful Mina looks so content and ready for longer nights snuggled at home πŸ™‚

  2. On the odd occasion I’ve finished all my WIPs it is very weird feeling. Almost like you’ve lost something. That cold weather must be great inspiration for starting something new though!

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