Productivity & A New Friend

Hellu all!

Wow, what a week! SO much better than last week šŸ™‚ The sun made an appearance again and helped dry up some of the ick left over from the weekend and it is a glorious, cool and windy fall day. I am thrilled to say I’ve accomplished a lot this week. Or at least it feels like a lot. I finished up my Malabrigo Scarf and I love it!

I’ve never put tassels on anything before but I think it’s a nice touch. With the exception of about half of the tassels, I finished the whole thing with just one skein. So I still have one left to do something with! Hmmmm, the question is what to make. I also started and am just about finished with the matching scarf for the hat I just finished.

It's all wrapped up around the loom (the pink thing).

I do up my craft fair hats/scarves on knitting loomsĀ  mostly. My stripey scarves are double crochet though. They work up quickly and easily that way. I think I might be starting yet another scarf in the near future in the red Cascade 220 I was given a while ago. I need some red in my own personal collection! A cute little ruffly pattern sounds nice after all of the blocky straight lines I’ve done lately. What do you think of this pattern? I just love Ravelry! Their pattern search is amazing! If you’re a crafty person and haven’t checked it out, I HIGHLY recommend it!

Oh, and on a separate note, I got a new co-worker this week. I’d like you all to meet Jocelyn.

She loves to be held and have her back rubbed.

This Wednesday, she was delivered to my desk by one of our clients and there she now resides. The client needed a new home for her leopard gecko (already named Jocelyn) and my dad said we’ll take her for an office pet. Much cooler than fish in my opinion! She’s a friendly little thing and really rather soft (well, as soft as reptiles can be considered). Her fat gray tail is silky compared to the bumpier yellowness of her body.

You can see her tail better in this one.

It’s fun to watch her crawl around while I’m working and it’s fun to get her out and show her to the children that comeĀ to our officeĀ for counseling. What’s not fun is her diet. I need to deposit one dozen live creepy crawly crickets into her terrarium once a week. Blech! I’ve never owned a reptile before so this is new to me.

Back on a yarny note, Mina discovered where my little pumpkin has been residing. I was hoping that any decorations I hook up would be safe. I guess I should have known better!When I get homeĀ from work, there it is. Lying on the floor of some random room, and never the room it’s actually supposed to be in. Go figure. I’m never home to catch her and teach her that she’s not supposed to do that. And just like any child, she only misbehaves when I’m not around or she thinks I’m not looking! Sneaker little booger…..

That about wraps up stuff for now. Bryon and I are looking forward to a fun weekend with some of our friends so I’ll be back to share about that later!

2 thoughts on “Productivity & A New Friend

  1. Wow Jocelyn is pretty šŸ™‚ I like reptiles. My first encounter was in an elementary school in New York state I did a foreign exchange teacher training placement. In the UK some classrooms have pet gerbils, hamsters or fish, in the USA the class had a small gecko, I was a bit afraid of it at first but put on a brave face, the sweet little thing used to lift it’s chin up to have a chin tickle. I did not know reptiles could be so friendly. Jocelyn is very pretty. Mina needs some hand crafted toys of her own!

  2. I love Jocelyn! I will have to visit her sometime. I looked at a gecko like that when I was at the reptile expo in Columbus, OH a few years ago. That was where I bought Leonard! Alas, my turtle has moved on to a bigger pond, but at least he is able to grow there!

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