Autumn Arrival

Hellu lovelies!

Wow, one heck of a week. I won’t lie, it started rather crummy. Between getting a nasty cold and having the transmission in my car land it in the shop for a few days, I was desperate for the weekend by the time it rolled around! Friday began and things got better. First things first, autumn began! That alone makes things better πŸ™‚ The weather is crisp and cool and the leaves are beginning to fall. Seeing as my car was in the shop until Saturday, Cassie was kind enough to loan me her car for all of my errands on Friday and we went out to Kroger to pick up some snacks for our bi-weekly Yarning. Pumpkin cookies, apple cider, and cinnamon sticks ended up in my kitchen! Evening rolled around and me, Cassie, and Alethia sat down with all of our goodies and our yarn!

Ah, to sit and enjoy some quality hooky time with good friends. And guess who came to join us?

Bryon brought his latch hook in and decided to join in our yarny fun. And just beyond him Mina decided she needed to at least sleep in the same room. Heaven forbid she get left out! One big happy bunch! I finished the craft fair hat I was working on while we chatted.

I plan on starting the matching scarf either tonight or tomorrow. I would have started it Friday night but something else caught my attention. Teresa posted up an adorable little crochet pumpkin and I just had to make one! See that little orange circle lying at my knees in that first picture? Today it turned into this:

Ok, so it’s a hairy pumpkin, but it’s a pumpkin nonetheless! I was thrilled to remember that I did have some orange yarn on hand. It was an alpaca blend from a yard sale I snagged up. 12 balls of the stuff for 2 dollars total! I didn’t have any idea what I would ever use it for, but what do you know? It came in handy! I could probably get three or four of those fun little things out of one ball. I definitely see more sitting around my house in the near future. Thanks Teresa!

Then last night Bryon and I went to visit some friends for dinner. Michelle cooked up some tasty fiesta spaghetti for us and we had some Hershey pie for dessert. We also got to spend some time with their handsome 8 month old, the tiniest little puff-ball of a dog, and a darling little kitten. All in all, a good weekend if I do say so. Now the sun is setting and Monday is starting to crawl its ugly way toward me. I’ve got hooky business to attend to and laundry to finish up. Good luck with your week and I’ll see you all later!

Lacey & Mina

4 thoughts on “Autumn Arrival

  1. I love your babeh pumpkin! I would like one, if you could spare one. πŸ™‚ I would keep it at my desk to bring a little seasonal decoration to my room. πŸ˜€

  2. Sorry your week didn’t start so well, but it looked like a fab ending. Your yarn nights look fun. They must be good if Bryon joins in, you will have to show us his work. Your pumpkin is very cute and it looks like they are in demand! xxx

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