Prepping For A New Week

Good Evening!

Well the weekend is coming to a close and I must admit it’s been a productive one! Not only did I have a fantastic time yesterday, but I got a lot of hooky time in too! Are you ready? Here it is! Taa Daa!

Momma's Shawl!

Thanks to my mom for posing for me 🙂 Isn’t she lovely? She bought a cute wooden shawl pin when she was at the yarn shop last weekend with my grandmother (the same one where they bought my dog-sitting payment). You can check my Ravelry page for details. I’m so glad it’s done! Really simple and fun to work through, just a smidgen monotonous after a while.

She wanted to keep the wonky fringe instead of blocking it out.

Now to start something new! I now have a hat started to go into my pile of hats and scarves for sale. There are a few various craft shows here in town, and one of them takes place in the conference rooms of the hospital. Last year was my first time visiting and I had a great time looking around and seeing all of the neat and beautiful things that people created. I decided I’d like to become a part of it if possible so I am building up a collection of knit (loom knit) and crochet scarves and hats to put up for sale! I don’t have enough to put up a legitimate booth for this year’s upcoming craft show, but next year I will!

I prefer to use two yarns to help give the loom knits a bit more substance.

My collection needed some blue. Seeing as it’s one of my favorite colors I’m surprised it hasn’t made its way in yet! I also started a project for myself today. A while ago I bought some Malabrigo Worsted yarn from Sheri at The Loopy Ewe and decided it was time to work it up!

A sneak peek

I LOVE this yarn! It’s so unique (at least to me) in the way it is spun and the colors are so rich. When i was searching for which colorway to buy, I could barely make up my mind! I settled for Whale’s Road. I will certainly be buying other colors in the future! If you haven’t used Malabrigo before, I highly recommend it! Apparently Mina likes it too….

Cute and innocent right? Wrong!

Little snot still doesn’t understand “No.” Alas. At least I caught her before she ran off with it or chewed through it this time. I think Miss Mew is on a learning curve. I have to love her though. Well, that’s about it for my latest adventures. Oh, I guess I did fiddle around with my needles again today and learned how to increase and read patterns a little better. One step closer to actually making something fun! See you all next weekend!

Lacey & Mina

2 thoughts on “Prepping For A New Week

  1. What a lovely shawl, and yes your Mom makes a great model. You sound like you are being very productive, you have some great projects in the pipe lines. I think your supervisor is trying to sabotage progress though 🙂

  2. You’ve been busy! That shawl is lovely. I like the Malabrigo colour. We can actually get it here, and it’s always lust at first sight when I see it in the store. Sorry that Miss Mew isn’t behaving herself with your yarn. When my Roly decides to be over-active, I tell him he’s off my lap! Funny thing is, he seems to understand, because he at once behaves himself and curls up into an obliging orange ball and disturbs no further. There are the occasional lapses… mostly when he’s too full of energy and needs to be put outside to burn it off…

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