Ahhhh, Blessed Peace

Hellu dear friends,

It’s been a beautiful weekend and I just want to express my happiness. Last night was ultimately serene in the fact that I got to sit down with a hot cuppa (vanilla caramel goodness), a favorite movie, a gentle thunderstorm, a dog sleeping at my feet and my cat sleeping next to me, all while enjoying some quality hooky time. I was simply oozing contentment ^_^ Moments like that make all of life’s struggles melt away into insignificance.

Momma and Grandma are now back home, so therefore so is Max. It sure was an experience having him over for a few days!

I love his little chicken legs! They make me smile every time he lies down like that 🙂

I think we’ve come to the conclusion that even a little dog like him is a bit too big for our house. Perhaps a happy little dachshund? I dunno. We’re still waiting on the ok from our landlord to even consider owning our own dog. And don’t worry, our weekend visitor was approved before he came to stay! One of the advantages of having my own father as a landlord! He owns a few rental properties and one became available the same time Bryon and I got married so we snagged it! Some people say I’m too involved in my parent’s lives seeing as my father is my father, my landlord, my boss (momma works with us too!), and my pastor. Weird huh? Oh well, I love my family!

Now that things have settled in our cozy household, miss Mina can relax again. And she most certainly has.

When Grandma came to pick up Max, I got a handsome little trade-in! Some lovely blood-red Cascade 220, a book on knitting in the round, and some addi Turbo circulars. I love that kind of payment! Wooo! Bryon got paid too, but mine is so much more fun 🙂 Thanks Grandma! Looking forward to playing with my new toys!


Off I go to prepare for a new day now that this one is drawing to a quick close. Goodnight or good morning, wherever you are!

Lacey & a happy Mina cat

2 thoughts on “Ahhhh, Blessed Peace

  1. Lacey, I know for a fact the “goodies” you received from grandma were chosen with much love. She spent a lot of time deciding on just the right things for you! You are so blessed to have such a wonderful family, and consider yourself very special for having your dad as your landlord, boss and pastor..not many can say that with the admiration you did! Love your blog…it makes my day! xoxo Aunt Connie

    • She did a great job picking out wonderful things for me. Thanks for helping them out! Mom said that you helped out since they were a little lost in the fiber art department and you have some knowledge in that area. Mom said you girls all had a great time together. And I do have the best family ever! Thanks so much for stopping by! 🙂

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