Good Times

Hi Everyone!

It’s been a good week here! Fall suddenly appeared, I finished my star stuffie, I’m almost done with momma’s shawl, I finished a pretty little gauge swatch with that shiny blue Astral alpaca I bought, I had a GREAT time with some of my girlfriends yesterday evening, time to cook up yummy means, and Bryon and I are dog-sitting for my grandmother this weekend. Busy but good!

First things first, Autumn! So excited! Fall means so many things to me here in Ohio: campfires, beautiful colors of trees (pictures will come as soon as they start turning in earnest), crisp cool breezes, apples (ciders, sauces, and pies!) pumpkins (in every conceivable way!) and football games and parties. Ah, fall goodness ^_^

Star Stuffie!

It’s done 🙂 Didn’t take long, but still satisfying to complete a project. I could’ve filled the tips in a bit more, but not bad for making my first stuffie/softie. It’s quite cuddly. I get to show it to the lady it was made for tomorrow so I’m looking forward to that. No more chattering about that crazy shawl till it’s done so that’s that. The little swatch worked up quite nicely but the color looks different. It’s actually a bit darker when it’s all knit than it seems when it’s just in the hank. No worries though, still pretty and soooo soft! I can’t wait until I start/finish those arm warmers I want to make! They will be amazing if I do them justice!

Me and a few of my girlies started getting together to do fun yarny activities a couple of times a month and we just started meeting. Alethia is a competent knitter and crocheter, Cassie recently started crochet, Sara Lynn is new to any and all things yarn, and well, you know where I am. I’m teaching Sara Lynn to crochet and Alethia is helping me with my knitting skills while Cassie is content to sit and hook her own little heart out. Poor Cass had to work last night, so us other girls met at Sara Lynn’s place for dinner, tea, and yarn! What a blast! It’s always good to have a girls’ night out. Not much was accomplished on any projects, but I think that’s permissible since it was out was out first gathering and the other two girls hadn’t seen each other in 8 or so years. It’s so nice to chat with good friends over a hot cuppa! Fair right? PS- Monk’s Blend from Aunt Sue’s Tea Room is highly recommended!

That takes us to dog sitting. Let me start with this.

Happy peaceful Mina. Ruler of the roost.

Over exuberant Max. New kid in the house. (Fuzzy d/t movement. He's never still...)

Mina meets Max

Poor Mew. Needless to say he took off after her and still does from time to time. He’s a Welsh Corgi and is a real sweetheart. After about a day here he finally settled down enough that he and Mina are able to relax in the same room together. That is, until she decides to move, then all heck breaks loose. Se la vie. Bryon gets to pretend he’s a dog owner for a few days so he’s happy.

It’s about that time folks. Off to walk Max one last time and settle down for the night. Hope you all enjoy the rest of your weekend! Thanks for visiting!

Lacey & an exasperated cat


2 thoughts on “Good Times

  1. yarny nights with the girls sounds so good. Poor Mina, Max looks very cute and Happy ruling the roost. I love corgis, little dogs with big personalities. Poor Bryon maybe he should have a dog!!!! I love Autumn too 🙂

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