Full days!

Hellu everyone!

Well, today has been one of great accomplishment for me. Nothing major happened, but a lot of little things were done 🙂 My grandmother’s auction finally took place so I spent the first part of my day down in Greenfield bidding on items with the rest and spending time with friends and family. I procured several fun little items to add to my teapot/cup collection and to help decorate my sad-looking front sitting room.

I love the blue glass especially!

Now I just need something to put in that bowl. Suggestions?

I like all of my new little purchases and I got all of it (2 teacups, 2 saucers, matching glass plate/bowl/divided platter, vase, two pots of flowers, and a deceptively heavy decorative bowl) for under $20. I don’t know what the heck the decorative bowl is made out of, but it has to be some kind of metal. Grandma did pretty well for herself too, which was the whole point of the auction.

Finally came home and got to work on my yarny fun! A few more rows on momma’s shawl (this thing is crazy long, but she said to use ALL the yarn she bought) are complete. I also got some more practice in on my DPNs! I should have chosen a different yarn to practice with though, this one is too splitty. It’s too small to actually be anything, but I’m just considering it to be a kind of circular test swatch. That works right? This was obviously taken before I got to add my practice from today.

Thanks to Angie to letting me borrow her DPNs until I get my own! She's the same lady who taught me how to knit in the first place.

Alethia was over for yarning and taught me how to work in the round. Yay for new skills! She also loaned me her knitting encyclopedia. I greatly appreciate the borrow and buddy system that me and my friends have with our materials. Along with that practice, I almost completed my Star Stuffie today. I chose pink for one of my friends who is a breast cancer survivor. Every year there is a Relay for Life fundraising event at the local fairgrounds and she has a team that participates in order to help raise funds for breast cancer research. Her team is called the Stars of Hope so I wanted to make a little stuffie for her! I found the pattern courtesy of April Draven’s blog. I got the second star worked up all the way to the last three rows of the last point and ran out of yarn! Gah! Soooo, I have to head to JoAnn’s tomorrow to pick up more pink along with some poly-fill for the stuffing.

When I ran out of yarn, I could’ve sworn I had a little bit more pink leftover somewhere in my stash that might have matched. So what did I do? I dug out all of my yarn from its various locations. In the process of looking, I discovered that my various yarns were higglety-pigglety and I had no idea where everything was. Some of them where still in their original purchase bags! Bryon came home from a trip to the store and found me sitting on the living room floor surrounded by two empty containers and skeins, balls, supplies, and patterns. I finally got all of it organized and feel much better about the whole thing! So, finishing out the day with the blog world and a movie with my beau. Looking forward to a long weekend since Monday is out for Labor Day. I hope to have some more done by then!

Good evening from me and Mina!

3 thoughts on “Full days!

  1. You have tired Mina out! You have been very busy. My entire house is higgledy piggeldy and in need of a sort out. Enjoy ‘Labour; Day. I am back to work tomorrow, BOOO! I have had a more than action packed Summer though, so I am hoping to chillax a little more and the crafting output should go up. You asked for suggestions for the bowl…I think Crochet fruit would look great, a bowl of cherries, or strawberries, or even a selection of apples, bananas etc…

    • Post-vacation unpack and cleanup is always a bummer. Thanks for the suggestions! Not quite sure if fruit would match the room color/theme scheme. Perhaps I’ll give it a go anyway and see how it looks!

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