My first major non hat/scarf project!

Hey Everyone!

Yeah, I know it’s been a while, but things have been busy here at our house! Between long work days, having my two younger sibs move back to college (sister’s last year and brother’s first year), an afternoon with my momma, new tires, an outing with a long-lost friend, and desperately trying to finish this project, I’ve been on my toes! It’s been good though. A LOT has been accomplished and I’m quite proud of myself  ^_^

I love visiting my folks. I love that my family is a 5 minute drive from where I live. I love the pretty suburban neighborhood.

The back deck/yard

The neighbor's beautiful willow tree

I love sitting on the deck and just enjoying the beauty of my parent’s neighborhood! It’s so serene back there. That willow tree has been one of my favorite trees for years! The whole area is beautiful and sometime I head over there just to experience the refreshing green of nature that I don’t really have living in the middle of my city. I’ve spent a bit of time at that house lately with all of the happenings going on. But now things are quiet again with them away for the school year. It’s so weird to think that my parents are officially empty-nesters now.

Anywho, yesterday I met up with a friend from high school who has similar yarny inclinations. I’m proud to admit I got her hooked on Ravelry! I discovered the existence of a little LYS in Nelsonville by the name of The Spinning Turtle soooooo, we picked up and headed out to go give it a look-see! It was darling! The shop owner was kind and very helpful and the array of colors was fantastic! There weren’t a large number of collections/brands, but the ones they did have were so extensive they took up whole walls! I adored looking at all of the different shades and petting all of the different styles and weights. I couldn’t resist buying a couple of the uber soft and fluffy Plymouth Encore!

Bryon thought I was a bit off my rocker when I got home that night and started cuddling my new skeins. I think this may become a snuggly cowl sometime this winter. Now I just need to find the perfect crochet pattern for it! I also picked up this hypnotic Alpaca Yarn Co. Aster wool:

My yarn splurge!

I felt like this was going to melt into my fingers when I picked it up! Oooooooo, it is lovely! I’ve never done anything with alpaca wool before and I’m so excited! Silky smooth and the color is a deep bluish-green that looks like it’s been kissed by starlight. My pathetic camera can’t capture colors worth anything. The color and sheen to it is breathtaking in person. Needless to say, this was my retail therapy for the month! Gotta love Bryon, he fed my yarn addiction for this particular outing. Thanks baby!

And here it is, are you ready for my Taa-Daa moment?

Front- based on Alice Best's Grandala Square

Back- basic single crochet

My pillow cover! I can’t tell you how glad am I to finally have this thing complete! I finished stitching everything except for the opening while I was waiting in the shop while my new tires were installed on my car. Judging by the looks of the mechanics, I don’t think they have many people play with yarn in the waiting area…Anyway, for my first major completed project other than a standard scarf or hat, it’s not too bad. It’s not perfect by any means, but it works for now and gave me some more experience. Some day I’ll get to making a better one (hopefully) for the other mismatched pillow but that day is in the distant future. I can’t bring myself to do another one right now. I’m still persevering on the crochet shawl for my mother and doing little practice knits before I attempt anything “real” with some of my nicer yarns. I’m hoping to learn knitting in the round sometime this September! Everyone I’ve spoken to about it has highly suggested I use circulars instead of DPNs. That seems to be a bit easier. Do you agree? What do you prefer? I plan on learning both so I’m anxious to see what works out best for me! Wish me luck!


3 thoughts on “My first major non hat/scarf project!

  1. You have been busy! tee hee – I knit in the waiting area of my car place too. Your alpaca splurge looks gorgeous. Welcome to the alpaca fan club! Regarding your question of circular needles – they are very definitely easier to work with than DPNs on larger projects, but you will still need DPNs for small space knitting like the final few rows of the top of a hat, for example. Good luck with your learning! Also look up the magic loop method on YouTube – it will help make sense of knitting with circular needles. Finally, circs, as you probably already know, are great for flat knitting too – just work back and forth as you would with straight needles. It helps to keep the weight of larger projects off your arms and shoulders.

    • I’m pretty sure I’m going to be a lifer in that alpaca fan club 🙂 Wonderful fiber. Thank you for your notes on the different needles; I appreciate it! There’s actually a set of your armwarmers on Ravelry that I’m wanting to knit up and I’m trying to decide the best method for them. I’ll let you know what I end up doing!

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