More heirlooms!

Happy mid-week everyone!

Oh boy the weather has been lovely! We’re getting the first teases of autumn here and I am LOVING it!!! Fall has got to be my favorite season πŸ™‚ the temperature starts to drop to a more comfortable level and the air is crisp and refreshing!I could go on, but seeing as I spent most of my day looking at the beauty from my office window (which I am incredibly thankful for!) I can’t go on about all the lovely things I might have done during daylight. Alas…

The other day I shared some of my favorite hand-me-downs from my grandmother who is downsizing. What I forgot to add was the fact that I received an old bag that she found stashed away full of items that belonged to my great-grandmother. Here’s a little glimpse of some of the goods:

More of those later! The old bag had several itty bitty yarn balls of various colors, some old yellowed, handwritten crochet patterns, some vintage magazine tear-outs with baby blanket crochet patterns, a few peculiar hooks, and three pretty little doilies! I never knew anyone on my mother’s side to be into crochet or knitting so I was thrilled when presented with these! I can only imagine how old some of the items were. Despite my thorough searching I couldn’t find a single blasted date on anything. I mentioned those weird hooks. I’m used to your standard little metal hook roughly 6″ long with a hook on one end and a flat area for your thumb. Am I right in assuming that’s fairly standard? The large wooden one in the bag was the most “normal.” There were also two aluminum hooks that looked rather like 14″ knitting needles and one ridiculously long metal one with the same size hook on either end.

And of course there were the beautiful little doilies. I love the bright colors of the flowers!



Pretty little blue flowers πŸ™‚

I wish I could’ve seen my great-grandma making things like this when she was alive. I would’ve loved to be taught by her! Aren’t they neat? It’s so good to have all of these old pieces of hers. I’ve made a few little flowers of my own for appliques, but have never done anything like a doily before. Maybe someday I’ll attempt one once I get done with my immediate list of things to hook up!

I had to keep my eye on the doilies while I was photoing them. Mina has been rather obnoxious about my yarn lately. She kept trying to steal the bits away from me!

Caught in the act!

Is that a guilty face or what? She was trying to be sneaky and creep around the corner of the couch where everything was laying. Hopefully she’s behave better now that the “new” yarn in the house is packed away again!

Thanks for stopping by!

Lacey & Mina

6 thoughts on “More heirlooms!

  1. I love that you love the items from Grandma! I wish you could have spent more time with her and learned from her. She tried to teach me, but I just never could get into it nor was I very good at it. I sure do miss her! Treasure the things you have, they are reminders of your past. πŸ™‚

  2. Very lovely doilies! I think the things from ‘the ancestors’ always have a lot of significance and meaning. I’m very thankful for the things I have from my grandmother. The crochet hooks you found are most likely Tunisian crochet hooks. It’s like knitting, but you keep all the live stitches on the needle, and then crochet backwards to create another row. It creates a double-thickness fabric that looks like knitting… but isn’t.

    • They really are special. It’s always great to have a bit of the people we loved as well as our family history. And I’ve heard of Tunisian crochet before, I’ve just only ever seen the newer ones which have a very different design. It does make sense though! Thanks!

  3. I have just returned from my holidays and am enjoying catching up on the computer, your doilies are absolutely beautiful quite the prettiest I have seen. I especially like the blue flowers, they look like ‘Forget-me-nots’ which seems rather apt. I ‘Inherited’ some hooks from my grandmother including one ‘weird’ one. I discovered it was a Tunisian crochet hook last year and put it back in service. I made a Tunisian scarf and hot water bottle covers. I learnt how to do tunisian simple stitch from Youtube. It is easy ans fascinating. I wrote a blog post a while ago about Tunisian crochet and there is a fantastic picture of a ‘Jesus’ Afghan.

    • I have seen the Tunisian scarf and water bottles you have made, but I don’t remember the afghan. I’ll have to go back and check it out again! Now that I apparently have an appropriate hook, perhaps I’ll check out youtube sometime to learn yet another new skill πŸ™‚ But I’ll stick to my new knitting skills for now. That’s enough to keep me busy! Learning how to knit in the round tonight and looking forward to it!

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