Woo Fridays!

Hellu everyone!

I love Fridays! My work schedule is such that I work extra hours Mon-Thurs and get Friday, Saturday, and Sunday off. Fridays are my time to be productive doing chores at home and running errands so that by dinner time, I am free for the entire weekend 🙂 I’m set to relax, cook, and yarn my weekend away now.  I got in some quality time with Mina in earlier too! I fished some of her mice out from under the furniture (where they all inevitably end up) and got to play fetch with her.

I’ve never known a cat to play fetch before, but she loves it! She’ll chase it and bring it back to me for 10 minutes or so before she gets bored and decides to just play with it herself.

It’s fun while it lasts. She’s able to play with a mouse for half an hour tops before it ends up sliding under furniture again.

Looking forlorn after losing yet another mouse.

Poor kitten. She’s all cuddled up next to me now as I type. I think she’s had enough play time today. I’m hoping that she’s sleepy enough to let me crochet in peace when I’m done! Along with that shawl I showed you before I went camping, I have another project I’m working on. The lovely Alice from Crochet With Raymond inspired me to work on a Grandala Square pillow cover for an old pillow I have. God bless Bryon’s dad, he gave us a ton of stuff when we got married last spring including a washer, dryer, two end tables, a couch, loveseat, and two pillows to go on the couch. The problem with the pillows is they have these old burnt orange and teal blue aztec-ish designs on them and match NOTHING in the entire house. Soooooo, I decided to work up some squares that would match our family room:

I need 9 total!

They still need blocked so they’re a bit curly. I’m making up some of the circles dark from the inside out to change things up a little bit. I want to make up four of each so I can decide which one I like more. I need 5 of one and 4 of the other, so we’ll see what happens. I’m debating on how to back the pillow….any suggestions?

Anywho, I’m off to go work on some more squares and edge that little circle you see up there. Have a good night everyone!

~Lacey & Mina

PS- Bryon wanted me to tell you all hi as well, so hellu from him in his blue recliner!


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