A Weekend Camping

Hellu everyone!

Wow! I am back from a mini-vacation camping with the husband and a family from our church. Thanks out to Beth & Roger for inviting us out with you! We had lovely weather and went to the rustic beauty of Hocking Hills here in southeastern Ohio. I love living here where the trees, moss, ferns and enormous rocks make up some of the most stunning landscape!

I love the rocks!

We spend a good amount of time Saturday hiking around and repelling off a few of the cliff faces. Roger hooked us all up and there were three different heights we could work off of: 20 feet down flat face, 85 feet half flat face, half free drop, and 120 feet half and half. We all practiced a little on the “tiny” one first.

Me taking that first step back! It felt a lot steeper than it was at the time!

Here's Bryon, my husband, going down the same little site.

I did manage to go down the 85 ft. section as well, just to say I did it! Needless to say I got my adrenaline rush for the year! I was fine until I hit the open section where I was just free-falling without the rock to kick off of. Scary! Thankfully all that happened was some rope burn acquired from trying to stop myself so I didn’t slide down too fast. I left it at that. Bryon decided he was a bit braver than myself and wanted to tackle the 120 ft drop.

Can you see the people?

If you look near the top, you can see Bryon dangling next to a tree. He was just over half-way down at that point. If you look near the bottom right, you can see another little blue shirt which is Beth. She was there being the safety person at the bottom of the rope. I was so glad he got down safely! I will say that he scared the daylights out of me the first time he went down though. I got my camera out right as he went over the edge so I wasn’t watching. When I looked up again, he was hanging upside down almost 100 ft in the air!!! His feet had slipped and he got flipped around in his harness!

When we were all safe back on the ground and hiking back to our vehicle, we came across several fun looking mushrooms. Here’s my favorite πŸ™‚

It looked just like a peach from the top!

Now it’s good to be home again. I didn’t get as much work done on that WIP as I wanted, so I plan to work on it much more the rest of this evening. Mina is also glad that we’re home again. Even Bryon gave her cuddles when we got home! She is content once more, so the world is a happy place to be.

Thanks for sharing my weekend with me!

Lacey & Mina

3 thoughts on “A Weekend Camping

  1. What an adventure, my camping is more about cooking sausages and pumping up airbeds than dangling upside down 100ft in the air. I am glad you and Bryon both got back home safely after your ordeal! Mina looks worn out too I wonder what she was up to while you were gone? I should think her Daddy did give her cuddles when he got home and so he should! πŸ™‚ That toadstool looks unreal doesn’t it? It glows…

  2. Hey there! Well done and congratulations on starting you blog πŸ™‚
    Wowzers that was an adrenaline rush and a half on that vacation! Glad you had a good time.
    Looking forward to reading more posts on your blog!

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